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Ellie Levi In this book there is great dialogue. For example, Johnny says on page 122, " I don't want to see her." When Johnny is in the hospital his mother comes to see him, but Johnny doesn't want to see her because she was a horrible mother to her. This shows that Johnny is unforgiving because when he his dying he won't forgive his mother when she wants to see him.

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Alec Levi I agree. Also, to show Johnny's conflict, it says, "I killed him, he said slowly. I killed that boy." (56) This is another example of their conflict.

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Isabelle Kellezi Yes I agree also!! I can picture Johnny saying in a mean yet helpless tone "I don't want to see her" because of the bad way his mother has treated him. Also on page 128 it says "he's not scared. He's just sick of fighting. Bob.....' she swallowed, then went on quietly. 'Bob was his best buddy. Since grade school'" In this quote I can picture the tone of Cherry. I can picture Cherry speaking weakly and slowly. All in all dialogue in a story helps bring the reader into the story world.

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