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Hi Faelan,

I have a newly released short story, The Tourist, I am seeking reviews for (on Amazon and Goodreads) if you're interested. The Tourist is a sexy, interracial, island suspense story and is the first book in the Fatal Treasures Series.

The Tourist (Fatal Treasures, #1) by Olivia Teese


While vacationing in Barbados, Jake Evans invited an irresistible island beauty to indulge in a night of passion. But the invitation inadvertently puts her life in danger. Jake is in possession of a highly coveted painting, a vengeful relative will stop at nothing to obtain. A smoking feud catches fire and both men are determined that when the smoke clears; only one of them will be left standing.

**This book features scenes with strong language, some violence and intimate scenes ( I don’t want potential readers to have any unpleasant surprises in case this type of story is not their cup of tea)**

You can email me at oliviateese (at) gmail (dotcom) or send me a private message on Goodreads to request a copy. I'll be happy to send you a Mobi or Epub file.

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Colin Tate (AuthorColinTate) | 1 comments Faelan wrote: "Hi,
I love reading, and I read a lot of books. About on average 4-5 a week.
For a few months now I've been reviewing books.
The genres I prefer are Chick Lit, Urban Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal Rom..."

Hi Faelan,
I recently published my book,
Entitled "Is This Your Man?"
Subtitled - "Real Men Telling Real Stories -
Meet Six Types of Men that Women Should Avoid Dating if they Want a Healthy Sustainable Relationship that could lead to marriage"
My book is currently available on Amazon, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.
I'd like to email you for your consideration on a review.
Colin Tate

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