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Lecture preview: 'Giver' author dislikes dystopian label

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Guilherme Viana Lois Lowry: “I don’t care much for labels, [and] I have never been a reader of either fantasy or sci-fi,” she said.

She cares about memory, dreams and bright, creative characters who are different from the others.

Ms. Lowry was inspired to write “The Giver” when her elderly father, then in a nursing home, had difficulty remembering his past. People in that novel have no memories of the past.

“I have thought about the concept of memory and dreams, and both of those things are completely individual,” she said. “Nobody else shares our memories, and nobody else has the same dreams we do.”

Source: (11/21/2015)

Dale Pearl It is apparent that Ms. Lowry doesn't read much fantasy or science fiction. I think that is the reason I was unable to make a connection with her writing. It came across as one dimensional and incomplete.

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