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message 1: by H.R. (new)

H.R. Kasper (H_R_Kasper) | 3 comments It's a mixed bag when it comes to this so I'd thought I'd ask: What do you listen to when you write? Do you listen to anything at all?

For awhile I didn't listen to anything while I wrote. It distracted me from my writing, especially if I really enjoyed the song. Recently, however, I've been playing instrumentals and soundtracks while I write, and doing that has seemed to help me be more "into it," so to speak.

That's just me, what about my fellow authors?

message 2: by Wesley (new)

Wesley Fox Usually I listen to a playlist of classic rock, heavy metal, and classical. Volume needs to be low and there are times when I need to turn it off entirely. It usually doesn't distract me but sometimes I get stuck.

Actually some songs get me in the right frame of mind for whatever scene I'm on, such as Metallica for an action sequence.

For rewrites and revisions, I need silence or classical music (or something with no vocals).

message 3: by Scot (new)

Scot Fin | 11 comments Can't listen to anything right now; need a new stylus. Did I just date myself?

message 4: by Mary (new)

Mary (maryellenwall) | 32 comments No noise! I write by playing the scenes in my head, like a movie. I can go for hours at a whack that way. If there's a radio on or the stupid TV, writing is slow and tedious work. I have a series if five sci-fi adventures, the last just published. There might not be another once the 6th that is in the edit cycle because my mother moved in and must have noise on all of the time. Ma or writing? I must choose Ma.

message 5: by John (new)

John Cairns (johnbrucecairns) | 1 comments I don't listen to words but to music like, just now, Dvorak on Radio 3 or to a cd of contemporary classical music.

message 6: by Samyann (new)

Samyann | 6 comments Lounge lizard piano music

message 7: by Thaddeus (new)

Thaddeus White | 631 comments Mod
Varies between rock and classical music, largely.

That said, if I'm writing well I tend not to hear it, so it's more like background noise.

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