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Clara 1-Varys gave Tyrion a letter from the north, telling about the Stark boys, both of them. They never say they are dead, but that’s what I thought the first time I read the book. Tyrion showed Cersei the letter, and he told her she should be happy, she wanted the boy dead after all. She said Jaime threw him off the window without thinking, she would have frightened him so he wouldn’t talk. *SPOILER FOR A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE* (view spoiler)

2-I never thought Catelyn could have believe Cersei had something in it, but I guess she could, Jaime and the dagger may be a reason she thinks so. So, Cersei is scared she would kill Jaime, even if they still have Sansa. The news soured Cersei, I am guessing because of Jaime.

3- They still don’t know shit about Littlefinger, and Cersei said she never trusted him, and says what if Stannis bought him. Tyrion doesn’t think so, Stannis wouldn’t buy men. I think so too.

4-Tyrion says he sent his clansmen away because they have no discipline in battle, and that’s worth more than courage. He thinks like Qhorin!

5-Lol at Cersei asking why the people acted like that, talking about the Antler Men, the Lannisters didn’t do anything to them. And Tyrion said they’ve done nothing! I don’t think he means it, they are eating so much fucking food while the people are starving outside, for one. And people know how well they eat.

6-Now they are talking about Varys, and Cersei says: ”He gives each of us just enough to convince us that we’d be helpless without him.” Well, it’s a smart thing to do after all. And they would be helpless without him.

7-Tyrion plans to take the Hound away from Joffrey, he needs him and Ser Balon Swann to lead the sorties. When Cersei said Jaime would lead them and Tyrion said “From Riverrun? That’s quite a sortie”, I laughed. He also wants Joffrey to be seen in battle, which I think it’s a good idea, the men will fight with a different attitude if their King is with them. Plus, he will have the Kingsguard with him all the time, I don’t know why Cersei is bitching so much about it.

8-Out of nowhere she says Varys is dangerous because he doesn’t have a cock, while Tyrion does. She told him she had his little whore. He thinks Varys betrayed him, after all he told Cersei about Clegane. Good he didn’t call her by name, although I don’t think Cersei knew her name. She says Tyrion has been plotting against her, he sold Myrcella, stole Tommen and wants to kill Joffrey so Tommen could be King, and Tyrion would rule through him. How could she think he would kill his nephew?

9-Cersei said he won’t kill him because Jaime would never forgive her. Just for that? Wow. She tells Tyrion the whore will live as long as Joffrey does. The whore comes in, and Tyrion wanted to laugh, Cersei lost. At this point I knew she wasn’t Shae. But he doesn’t, of course. Cersei says she’ll release her once the battle is over. At this point I think Tyrion just had enough, and he would play the part if she thinks he’s a monster. So, he tells Cersei what happens to her, beats and rape, would happen to Tommen, and the would do it himself. This surprised Cersei, and me as well. It must be tiring to hear all the time how much of a monster he is, when he’s not like that at all.

10-He unties Alayaya, and they tied her really hard. Before he goes, he tells Cersei one day when she’s happy and thinks everything’s fine, he will hurt her, and her debt will be payed. I remembered that quite well.

11-When he goes to his room, Shae is there. He wonders how to tell her another girl took the beat for her. For some reason I don’t think she would have felt so bad if he had told her. And what a bitch she was when she said all they did to Lollys was fuck her. She was raped by fifty men, and she didn’t ask for it! I really don’t like her right now.

12-Varys made her wear a hood, so she only could glimpse a mosaic dragon, red and white. Interesting. He couldn’t fuck her, a lot was going on in his mind. Before he tells her to sleep, he thought Cersei was right, he does think with his cock. Well, he loves Shae after all, even if he knows he shouldn’t, but you can’t choose that. I think he felt genuinely bad for Alayaya, he was probably seen in the brothel after all.

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments Erm, I can't seem to find Chapters 52 and 53 on here. :(

Clara That's weird, I can see them. Here are the links:



Can you see them now?

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Vicki Kalb | 310 comments I can access them from the links you just sent, thank you. I see them now!!! That was really weird...

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Vicki Kalb | 310 comments Your point 1, I agree, I think everything happens for a reason, and for Bran this had to happen.

Your point 9, I think it's also that Cersei doesn't want Jaime to hate her, because despite what she said about love being poison she really does love Jaime.

Your point 12, I'm pretty sure he expected people to follow him into Chataya's establishment, but no one would follow him into the turret, lol. That's why he uses that hidden door in the wardrobe to get to Shae. This is so his stalkers would assume he's been inside the turret the whole time with Alayaya and not in the manse with Shae. I thought it was smart, and very brave of Alayaya to go along with it even after being beaten up.

1. Interesting Tyrion doesn’t want to upset Cersei any more than he already has for being Hand of the King. I would think he wouldn’t care.

2. Varys shows Tyrion a letter from the north, explaining the two younger Stark boys are dead. Tyrion and Varys are sad to hear of it. I’m surprised Tyrion doesn’t think more on the matter of the Starks getting truly shit on than he does in this chapter. I really like how Tyrion wants badly to see Cersei’s response to this letter, though! I’ll bet she’ll be relieved and try to hide it.

3. Lol, Cersei’s wearing green...again! Is that all she owns in her wardrobe?

4. Cersei doesn’t seem very pleased, especially not when Tyrion says Catelyn might think she had something to do with it. Cersei fears for Jaime’s life over this, which makes sense. But they still have Sansa, and Tyrion reminds her to take good care of her.

5. Lol, Tyrion is careful only to eat what she eats, just in case she means to poison him. It’s not like he’s never done the same thing to her, after all. Apparently the news about the Stark boys has soured her mood. I’m surprised. You’d think she’d be happy, unless she really is scared Robb will blame her for it and kill Jaime in retribution.

6. Lol, Cersei honestly doesn’t know what the Lannisters ever did to these Antler Men. Well you started these wars when you killed their king! She doesn’t seem to trust anyone. Perhaps she’s smart not to, but it’s hard when you’ve also dirtied your hands up a bit and can’t be trustworthy material yourself. Interesting Cersei says for years she trusted Varys when she was at court in the beginning. Varys has talent for making people like him. Hell, I like him! Though perhaps I shouldn’t so much.

7. One good thing Joffrey is smart about (more likely he’s blood thirsty and stupid) is he wants to be in the thick of battle. His people need to see their king sharing their peril rather than one who hides behind his mother’s skirts. This upsets Cersei. It makes sense, she’s a mother who doesn’t want her baby getting hurt. It’s true, though; he’s only 13. But he acts like a five-year-old.

8. Wtf? Cersei thinks Varys is dangerous because he doesn’t have a cock?! I would never have come to that conclusion, only Cersei, lol. But I guess she does have a point. It’s disgusting, the part where she thrusts her breasts in Tyrion’s face. I mean, wtf...

9. Why does it always seem something bad happens when two people are enjoying a nice dinner together in private? Cersei says she has his whore. My hat is off to Tyrion, who plays it off like it’s no big deal when really he’s frightened for Shae.

10. Gods, Cersei is paranoid as shit. She thinks Tyrion is out to destroy her family. The only reason she doesn’t kill him outright is because Jaime would never forgive her. So instead she plans to keep his whore her hostage. If he does one thing to hurt her children she’ll torture the poor girl to death. Even Tyrion is shocked Cersei believes he’d want to kill her children.

11. For proof Cersei didn’t already kill the girl, she shows her to Tyrion, who is relieved it’s not Shae but Alayaya instead, beaten and bound by the Kettleblack brothers. They assumed Alayaya is his whore, from Chataya’s turret. Tyrion wants to laugh at his sister and make her feel like an idiot but that will give the game away. Cersei plans to give her back to him when he gives Tommen back after the battle. Like he wasn’t going to do that anyway... I just can’t with her.

12. I am impressed Tyrion finds the words to say the sword swings both ways. If the whore gets mistreated in any way, so will Tommen. She already believes he’s a monster, may as well play the part. It’s sad, but I understand his reasoning. Threats is the language Cersei understands best. Apparently Cersei hadn’t expected that, though, ha!

13. I forgot Cersei tries to hit him but he catches her instead, twisting her arm till it hurts, and reminds her how he said she’d never hit him again. Good for him.

14. He unbinds Alayaya and they pretend they are lovers. It’s sad how she leaves a bloody kiss on his forehead. :( The poor girl didn’t deserve any of this, this game between Tyrion and his psychotic sister. She is strong for not telling them the truth! I don’t know if that was part of her job description, lol.

15. Even though it’s not Shae, Tyrion is still raving pissed that this innocent girl got hurt and he tells Cersei off, basically. That he never liked her much but because she is his sister he’d never have hurt her. But now this ends all that. Well she deserves it! He promises he will find a way to hurt her for this. And I love what he says here: “A day will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you’ll know the debt is paid.” You go, Tyrion! It is also pretty dangerous to say that to your queen, though...

16. I like how Cersei started out being the one in control of the situation but Tyrion takes and turns it around on her! She is furious and yells at him to leave. She did this to herself. He was on her side, too! That’s the ironic part. I hope Cersei suffers. *SPOILER FOR A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE* (view spoiler)

17. As soon as Tyrion enters his bedchambers Shae is already there, naked and in a seductive pose, with his Hand necklace wrapped around her breasts, ugh. Tyrion hadn’t expected her to be here. Urgh, Shae calls poor Lollys a great cow. Well you’d be stressed out too if you were gang-raped by half a hundred men and became pregnant because of it! I hate Shae a lot here. The girl says all they did to Lollys was fuck her. Shae doesn’t understand. Fucking and raping are two very different things. That was highly offensive to me. This shows Shae has no empathy for others.

18. So Varys takes her here, hooded, so she can’t see where the tunnels lead. That’s smart of him. They don’t need people off the streets finding their way around in the Red Keep. Tyrion tries to figure out where the hidden door is, but all Shae wants to do is fuck. Dumb ass whore.

19. She tries to get him going but he’s just not in the mood tonight. She is too stupid to realize he’s clearly upset about something. Some things are more important than sex. Poor Tyrion realizes Cersei’s right, he does think with his cock, and it spoils the mood for him.

20. I forgot Tyrion never tells her what happened to Alayaya. Not in this chapter, anyway. That would explain her naivety, then. She didn’t know how close she came to being the one who was beaten bloody and bound up like a pig. I really wish it was her at this point. Get her to see sense, maybe.

Clara Yeah it's really weird! I just posted them like all the others. I hope it doesn't happen again!

I do think Cersei really loves Jaime, and she knows he cares about Tyrion. And it was a smart move, going everytime to Chataya's, not to Shae directly. Clearly they didn't follow him the night he went straight to Shae's. And Alayaya is brave! I don't think all the whores would have went with it.

About your point 3, lol it does seem all she has is green.

I was kinda surprised too Cerseit trusted Varys in the beggining. It seems the years made her not to trust anyone.

In your point 15, I loved the whole paragraph!

Your point 17, I found what Shae said extremely offensive too. Even if it's normal for her to be fucked by whoever, they pay her, and she agrees. Lollys didn't, and she's pregnant besides. Her life won't be easy from now on, and it's almost like Shae has no heart at all. I really hated her for it.

About your point 20, I don't think he ever tells Shae. He should have though, if she said that aobut Lolly,s I don't think another whore like her gets her sympathy, even if the beat was meant for her. I think he would have seen a side of her he might not like at all.

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