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Derna | 5501 comments Mod
Title: Hitting to Win
Author: Carrie Aarons
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Formats ~ Mobi & Epub
Copies ~ 25
Goodreads Link:

After a lifetime of neglect and sorrow, Miles Farriston has hit rock bottom after his lying ex-girlfriend proves that no one in his life sticks around. On the outs with his friends, in jeopardy of losing his baseball career and this close to getting kicked out of Kappa Eta Sigma, Miles is forced to compete in the Greek Life dance competition. What he didn't bank on was getting bright, cheery Chloe Trabucco as a partner.

Ballet, friends and her sorority. The only three things Chloe Trabucco wants to focus on and excel at. So when she is asked to compete, as a freshman, in the popular Greek dance competition, she couldn't be happier. That is, until she learns Miles is her partner. The same Miles she's had a huge crush on for half of her life, and the same guy who made it clear months ago that he wants nothing to do with her.

Her positivity and patience annoy him. His attitude and anger finally drive her to the breaking point. Can they hit a home run, both on and off the dance floor, or will they go down swinging?

TO SIGN UP please leave your email and what format you'd like. Once copies go out you will have three weeks to Read and Review the BOOK, and please don't forget to post the link to your review in this thread!

If you cannot finish this book for whatever reason, please let us know so we can remove your name from THE LIST and allow someone else to review it. Thank You.


1, Lisa ~ mobi
2, Khdamico ~ epub
3, Rachelle ~ ; epub
4, Faelan ~ mobi
5, Crystal ~ epub
6, Martha ~ mobi
7, Joanne ~ mobi DNF
8, Stacey ~ Mobi
9, Megan ~ mobi
10, Michelle~ Epub
11, Donna ~ epub
12, Nancy ~ mobi

Lisa Gallant | 130 comments mobi pls

Khdamico | 24 comments I would be happy for the chance to read and review Hitting to Win. Epub, please - Thank you!

Rachelle | 28 comments ; epub please :)

Crystal  | 145 comments epub pls

Martha | 38 comments mobi please

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thanks :)
or mobi

Stacey | 364 comments
Mobi please

Megan's Picks For Today Blog (mamascandylit) | 28 comments mobi please.

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Derna | 5501 comments Mod
I have just sent copies out to members who have signed up so far. Please remember that you have until 16th December (3 weeks) in which to read and review this book, and post your review here. Any problems just let me know. Enjoy!

Michelle van Rij (chelles_life_in_books) I would really love to read this one. Epub please!

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Derna | 5501 comments Mod
Michelle wrote: "I would really love to read this one. Epub please!"

message 13: by Faelan (new)

Faelan Thank you for the opportunity.
Here's my review
I was wondering if Catching to Win will also be up for review in the future?

Nancy (nancylm) | 94 comments I would love to read/review it
mobi please

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Derna | 5501 comments Mod
donna wrote: "
epub, please"


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Derna | 5501 comments Mod
Nancy wrote: "I would love to read/review it
mobi please"


Khdamico | 24 comments Thanks for the opportunity. Here is my review:

Michelle van Rij (chelles_life_in_books) Thank you for the opportunity to read Hitting to Win. My review:

Nancy (nancylm) | 94 comments Thank you so much - I loved it and I can't wait to read the other books in this series! Review links

Martha | 38 comments Thank you for the opportunity to read this book. Here is my review:

Rachelle | 28 comments Sorry for the late review but..

MERRY CHRISTMAS, I finished the book and I loved it :)
Thank you for letting me read it and I look forward to getting my hands on the third one!

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Derna | 5501 comments Mod
The deadline for posting your review for this book has passed. We are still waiting for the following members, to link their reviews to the thread ASAP or let me know why you have been unable to do it yet.

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