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Tia | 27 comments Hi everyone. I am an Australian author of one book, ‘When Study Goes Wrong’. It was published in March 2015.

‘When Study Goes Wrong’ shares stories from graduates in business, law, IT, communications, nursing, and more, and considers the emotional toll of the isolation and frustration of unemployment and underemployment. Also discussed are statistics on graduate employment, as well as tips and coping mechanisms; but the real message of this timely book is to let struggling graduates know they are not alone. 'When Study Goes Wrong' is available here: For Australian readers, it's also available in some bookstores in Brisbane.

I have recently finished my second book, a non-fiction travel narrative focused on the lesser known areas of Greece. My book will be out in early February 2016.

When Study Goes Wrong

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Brenda | 68419 comments Mod
Congratulations Tia!

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Tia | 27 comments Thanks Brenda!

Veronica ⭐️ | 2236 comments Sounds interesting Tia. I have an IT graduate son who has been in and out (mostly out) of work for the last 5 years and 2 at Uni who I'm worried won't be able to find work once they graduate. Funnily enough my 2 that didn't attend Uni have never been unemployed and also don't have a massive HECS debt.

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Tia | 27 comments Thanks Veronica. The book is based on my experience as a law graduate who could not find work in the field. It's very frustrating to owe so much in HECS and not be able to get a job that aligns with your experience. I kept going back for postgraduate studies hoping that would help. It didn't. That's what made me want to hear from others who had shared a similar experience. While my story was the basis, their experiences are a large part of what makes this book interesting. They had so many stories to share from a variety of study backgrounds.

Your son's situation is sadly not unusual these days. I hope things pick up for him. I have never been unemployed either, I've just had to work in other areas - areas that don't require my studies at all.

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