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message 1: by Allen (new)

Allen (allenchen) | 3 comments A blog that teaches you how to earn money, knowledge, and an active lifestyle! I just started it and I'd really appreciate some feedback on it - check out my daily posts and hopefully you can earl something new!

The site:

Posting this here as well because I believe that it belongs here as well!

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message 3: by Piyush (new)


i started a blog please have a look on it

message 4: by Marley (new)

Marley Engvall (marleyengvall) | 125 comments It is time for us to end the 9/11 lie.
I hope to see you at Ground Zero, September 11, 2016.


message 5: by Lou (new)

Lou Corina | 13 comments 40 Best Ways to Save More Money

How to Burn Holiday Fat

Home Remedies to Remove Stains

Reminder for the 2016 Tax Season

Book Review of The Mysterious Benedict Society

message 7: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Jade (jessicajadedesigns)

Hey all. I'd love you to check out my blog..
I'm ready to write a new post, I'd love to write about what you want to see?
Let me know, thank you, and I'll be checking all your blogs out now too! xxx

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message 9: by Haley (new)

Haley Gann | 11 comments Hey, guys! I am currently going through a trying and challenging experience with my mother, so I decided to blog about it. As time goes on, I may even start blogging about being positive and learning to love yourself for who you are. Please check it out and read it if you have the time as I don't know of any other way to promote it. It's my only post as of right now, since I'm new to all of this! the website link is

Please check it out for me and let me know what you think! Thank you!

message 10: by Ramona (new)

Ramona Lisa | 71 comments - I just started this blog inspired by le love. It's filled with reader's submissions about love, heartbreaks, life etc.

message 11: by Marissa (new)

Marissa (marissacelina) | 36 comments It would be great if you could check my up and coming blog out! Im just starting :) I review YA books and more!

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