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message 1: by Treasa (new)

Treasa Clain (cypathia) | 1 comments Hi guys and gals,

I am trying to get my blog looking good, now I am still in construction but need some feedback please, layout,, ease of layout, ease of navigation, visual appearance, child friendly.. etc etc

Any help is appreciated


message 2: by Siubhan (new)

Siubhan Theresa,
I was intrigued by your post and clicked through to have a look at your blog to give you some feedback.

I think you do need feedback & here it is .... (I'm so not trying to be mean in any way just an honest objective view - but I’m fighting with my husband so maybe pour a wee glass of wine before you read this !)

The Heading - lovely colours - I assume that’s from your illustrator? (I see you have illustrated versions of the book available) If you’re going to use that illustration as a backdrop then I suggest you let the image 'sing' and drop the HUGE descriptor Blurb that currently sits on top.

Having opened the blog the reader is immediately faced with a double whammy descriptor (of what I initially thought was a repeated paragraph). The words change a little from your header to your first paragraph but you may be interested to know how many words are common to both ... fifteen!
Here they are
'Cypathia - children’s fantasy, endurance through adversity, dragons, sorcery and magic, with inter realm portal travel'
15 words in common - it feels like your reading the same thing twice.

It makes one assume as a reader & potential purchaser that if you've self-published that you're going to have lots of repetition in the book - not ideal first impression.

Your header is too long - the typeface doesn’t work with the background and is dated - you can easily fix this - just trawl through other blogs that you find appealing fresh and modern & 'borrow' their style.

I find invaluable in generating images etc. for my blog.

Consistency is key - you’re a wee bit all over the place - work on the notion that less is more. You have a clear message to get across here - you've written a fantasy book for kids and customers can buy it through your blog.
What age group is the book for - I can't tell from first look at the blog?

You have too many calls to action & links to other social networking sites
I only just got here and you’re sending me elsewhere?
Drop them all and if you must link to FB & Twitter make them discreet links in keeping with your *new* blog style.

Click here to see my wix page
Click here to see my Tumblr page
Click here to see my Youtube page
Click here to see my Vimeo page
Click here to see my Amazon author page
Click here to see my Goodreads page
Click here to see my Twitter page
Click here to see my Facebook page

You really don't need all that.
I've counted 6 links to twitter alone on your homepage - its irritating and you dont need your twitter feed displayed on the page.
Oh no!! I’ve just discovered your twitter feed is on the homepage TWICE and found yet ANOTHER link to follow you on twitter.

Agh ! MORE links at the bottom
Legal and Forensic Psychology Website
Law Tutor
Legal Shop
Cypahtia - Tumblr
Cypathia - Wix
Verified Services

Ok – my suggestion is google how to add a facebook and twitter button to your wordpress blog - do that and delete all the other links.

Stay on message - this is the book - this is who it's for - this is how you buy it – this is me.

Please don't tell me I get part 2 FREE with part one - I'm an adult. I understand that the two parts make up the whole and promoting one as FREE is not endearing me to you.

You have a tags widget at the bottom right hand side of the page - your largest tag is 'uncategorized' which suggests you should drop that widget or start categorising all your posts.

I know this is picky but personally I don’t like the 'loveeeed' review at the top right of the homepage because I love words spelled correctly.

Your bio should be on your 'about the author' page only

Here are my suggestions for your pages - just 4 :

About the Author
Contact me

I haven’t even looked at the other pages and I’m running out of time here.
My best advice:
Take your time - delete LOTS off your blog – remember people nly give you SECONDS of their time online nowadays – they’ll click on to the next page before you can say ‘follow me on twi….’
Remember your key messages
Book - BUY - Bio
Promote that you are Irish & of Ireland - lots more US blog readers than European ones & The Irish element may appeal.
Don’t spend lots of money getting someone else to do this - you'll find plenty of instructions direction online (Pinterest is great for this)

Make sure the blog works on the phone too – don’t just look at the layout on your laptop and assume its ok – the majority of leisure browsing is done now on tablets & smartphones .

Best of luck Teresa – well done on following your dream and getting the book out there & let me know if you manage to make any changes & if they make a difference :)


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