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what does everyone think of this book?
Kat Kat Nov 22, 2015 09:42AM
I thought the book was amazing and it would be nice to seen a book 2 or this book put into a movie

I think it would be better if there was a second book, instead of a movie. Seeing as I like my own personal version of Alexander. But I LOVED this book!! Like totally LOOOOOVED IT!!

Cassie 'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood Right? It might even be cool if she did it like a year or two into the future now so that we can see what everyone decided to do.
Aug 12, 2017 05:31PM · flag

Alexander and Amy's love story must continue in book2.Their lovestory's the main centre of attraction!

Kat Yea i would like there to be a 2nd book because i really loved the story line between Alexander and Amy
Aug 12, 2017 02:17PM · flag

I really loved this book, like when i got it i couldn't put it down. I defiantly would recommend it especially if you want to satisfy the fan girl side of your self. I rated it a five. The only thing wrong with it is that they need to make a part two!

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