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Maureen Ulrich Is the language in this novel appropriate for young readers? Is it authentic? I'd appreciate some feedback.

message 2: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Egan I thought so! But then I'm not a very young reader ;).

Maureen Ulrich Thanks for the feedback, Catherine. I do have concerns about my books creating issues for librarians and teachers in elementary schools. Then again, isn't it every author's dream to have their book banned?!

message 4: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Egan Hmm, I don't remember any bad language...? I'm having some anxiety about crossing too many lines with my new WIP - I mean, it will certainly NOT be appropriate for elementary school kids, but I don't know what librarians and teachers in high schools consider acceptable.

Maureen Ulrich Sex is likely a more controversial subject than language. As for violence, The Hunger Games have proven this isn't an impediment for school libraries.

message 6: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Egan That's what I'm worried about! The language in my WIP is pristine(ish), and the violence is nothing to some of the YA out there, but my main character does have a lover. Well, I won't worry about it until somebody tells me I can't sell it that way ;).

Did you have any issues with elementary school libraries for the Jessie Mac books? I would assume that you dealt with all the tricky subject matter carefully enough that teachers would think it actually a good thing for older elementary school kids to read, but I know nothing about this sort of thing.

It all seems a bit ridiculous to me, because doesn't everybody somehow get their hands on "Flowers in the Attic" in sixth grade? Ah well.

Maureen Ulrich I haven't had any issues yet. I think librarians usually read each book before it goes on the shelf. They know what ages should be reading what and steer the younger ones away from material that is beyond their experience. You are so right about "Flowers." The big no-no when I was growing up was another book called Face Off -- a hockey romance. I doubt it was available at the library, but everybody got their hands on it one way or another!

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