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Poetry Train (poetrytrain) | 5 comments Theater of Thunder (book of poetry)

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Ella Burakowski (ellaburakowski) | 3 comments My book trailer for HIDDEN GOLD - A True Story of the Holocaust

message 4: by Monica (new)

Monica Handy (monicadhandy) | 8 comments Thank you. My book trailers are from my book, And... The Mirror Cracked.

message 5: by Richard (new)

Richard Horsley | 1 comments The trailer for Static Push, an explosive science fiction adventure with distinctly British humour.

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Glenda Reynolds (glendareynolds) this is a trailer to my paranormal romance Goddess of the Moon: Mayan World of Vampires

On my You Tube channel there are 3 other short trailers for short stories that are published in 3 different Giant Tales anthologies and also a video for The Cursed Leviathan novel that I'm currently writing.

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Carol Riggs (carol_riggs) Thanks, here's the book trailer for The Body Institute, where my main character gets a job losing weight FOR other people.

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Lj Amodeo | 1 comments Hey there! Here are my book trailers for the Descendant Series. Hope you enjoy and would LOVE some feedback :)

The Conception:

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Dallas (goodreadscomdallasws) | 7 comments Hi

For Fantasy and Celtic Myth lovers.

You can find 1 of my book trailers here:
The Thinking:

And the other here:

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Poetry Train (poetrytrain) | 5 comments Good Morning: Poetry Train Canada.

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Belinda Buchanan | 3 comments Here is my book trailer for The Monster of Silver Creek:

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Suzi Albracht | 3 comments Please enjoy my book trailer for Death Most Wicked -

message 13: by Suzi (new)

Suzi Albracht | 3 comments Please enjoy my book trailer for Scorn Kills -

message 14: by Suzi (new)

Suzi Albracht | 3 comments Please enjoy my book trailer for The Devil's Lieutenant -

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Poetry Train (poetrytrain) | 5 comments Heaveno Everyone: My Human Leakage Test'
a book of explicit hardcore poetry by John E. WordSlinger
100 poems:

On January 25th, 2014 I John E. WordSlinger took Veteran Jester 1 to Edward Himes Jr Hospital in Chicago, IL to operate on his hands. We arrived there at 6:30 a.m. and it was colder then I can remember ever in Chicago for me anyway, and the wind was cutting through the bones. The snow that was plowed along the parking lots were at least 14 to 15 feet high, and the ground was pounding cold. Okay enough of place & environment details. What this day was going to bring was many things, but a few things were experiences I needed in my life, and one for sure was something I have been searching for, for a long time. I never experienced such strong and kind folks in a long time. The patients, the hospitals staff and the medical professionals. The Doctors seem to be, even if most were students, silent about things. I have been to hospitals before and lived in one for a year Michael Reese hospital in 1982 to 1983 but this was something totally un-expected, I sensed a different silence. Were they trying to cure the disease of war? I Know so! Once Jestor 1 was having his operation. I went down to the ER waiting room... Because I noticed the seating was going to be more comfortable.

I asked the man at the information desk if there was a place were there where any poetry books and he said, 'Maybe.' He lead me to the library and the canteen. I asked for poetry and he said, 'Yes, follow me.' The librarian led me to a shelf of free books, so I looked and I found the book of Susan Sontag's 'On Photography,' and my eyes lit up, was this it? The book I was searching for. A writer that written a book on photography's power, and law, and it was. The librarian waited for me and said again, 'Follow Me."

There was a shelf near his desk and he gave me two magazines, called Veterans' Voices, the summer and fall issues of 2013. I asked, 'Free?'

"Yes for you,” he replied... I thanked him, and made my way back to the waiting room, and began to read the book and take a break from it and read some poetry from the summer issue.

You can go online and journey together through this book via a Youtube playlist I created.
Facebook Links &c &c:

This book is powerfully packed with wisdom for the poet and &c and the people around me was recorded in my memory and I was taking all of their lives in. Families, their courage their service, and well they were at the hospital so their pains too... Furthermore their poetry-

This book is PERFECT FOR A POET, who wants to understand the power of the photograph as a poem, furthermore this is all for education, wisdom, and sharing poetry of Veterans, so we will link out, acknowledge and &c-

Susans Santog is a human rights activist, playwright, essayist and cultural critic. Her books include novels, a collection of short stories, and works of non-fiction, including Against Interpretation and Other Essays, On Photography, Illness as a Metaphor, Where the Stress Falls, and her latest book, Regarding the Pain of Others, which is expected to be published by Farrar, Strauss and Giroux in early 2003.

message 16: by Peter (new)

Peter Arvo | 3 comments Hello Everyone, My name is Lauren and my Dad and I just wrote our first book together it was just released on January 1st, 2016. It is called Elemental Kingdoms: Darkness Descends Darkness Descends. Here is the book trailer for our book, I hope that you enjoy it.

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Elizabeth Kohler | 3 comments The Quixotic Faction - TD Kohler

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Richard Paolinelli | 2 comments Maelstrom by Richard Paolinelli

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Jessica Adams | 5 comments Here is my book trailer for my first book, The Underground Toy Society.

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Lessil Richards | 10 comments

We have several books on amazon. Memoirs/Biographies, Action/Adventure Suspense/Thrillers, Paranormal/Romance, and Coming of Age.

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Lessil Richards | 10 comments

"I enjoyed B.B.U.S.A., a cat-and-mouse chase with elements of government conspiracies and an international perspective. It is quite suspenseful and can be compared to the Bourne trilogy in that it doesn't ignore the ethical, spiritual and emotional risks of violence."
By J. Martinez

message 22: by Lessil (new)

Lessil Richards | 10 comments

East Wind is a fascinating memoir of a progressive-minded Americanliving in Namibia under apartheid. In addition to being an interestingand well-written personal story, it contains insights into how theracist social system's injustices bled outward, creating suffering forwomen, children ... pretty much everyone. But the author doesn't lordher superior attitude over those around her, but writes honestly abouther struggles to live a good life in the midst of the apartheid system,and how difficult that was. J. Martinez

Sandra Augsburger
I enjoyed her humble, empathetic, and non-judgmental style.
I loved this book,

Sharon E. Ogden
This was a very interesting book about life in southern Africa...I wish it continued.
Unstoppable! Please write more!

I love this book! The writing is engaging, descriptive, and true.

message 23: by Lessil (new)

Lessil Richards | 10 comments

***** This book is Amazing :)By P.A.W.
*****A great read.By Tim Beam
***** AMAZING!By J. Kimmel-Freeman

"It's the kind of powerful story that gives you hope even in the face of chaos."

"I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a book on Type IDiabetes and those that want to read something truly amazing."

"I was engaged in the first paragraph and remained so throughout the book."

"Very well written, researched and appreciated."

message 24: by Lessil (new)

Lessil Richards | 10 comments

5 stars It was beautifully written. Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down. Cyndie
5 stars This book literally had me at the edge of my seat. DTKirksey
5 stars A delightful, exciting and provocative read. Linda Montgomery
5 stars I couldn't put it down and absolutely loved it! Coryn
5 starsGood plot development and fun read. Sandra Augsburger
5 starsGreat Book! Trevon Hayes-Wilson
5 starsAbsorbing from beginning to end. Cimarron design
5 starsCompelling. Bob Atwood
Very well done. The story gets you hooked early and keeps it going. Looking forward to the next installment to come.
5 stars FIVE STARS!!! Daphne
5 stars A story that grabbed my heart. Sweettalk
Emotionally charged, this tale delves so deeply, it could be real. I didn't want to put the book down. Amazing.

message 25: by Skylar (last edited Jan 17, 2016 04:02PM) (new)

Skylar Nightingale | 1 comments Here is the book trailer for my book Forbidden Acts

A story of forbidden love that will take your breath away.

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Zrinka Jelic (hadesmaca) | 1 comments Here's book trailer for my pirate's romance titled Treasured Chest

message 27: by Robert (new)

Robert Pietzsch (robert_pietzsch) | 3 comments Here's my Book Trailer for my action thriller: TROMAN:

message 28: by Paul (new)

Paul Wigmore (pwigmore1) | 1 comments The trailer for my soon to be released audiobook is below !

message 29: by Brian (new)

Brian Larson (crystal_secrets) | 1 comments Here's my book trailer for Salvage-5

message 30: by Jonah (new)

Jonah Pierce (jonahpierce) Here's the book trailer for my romance, Anissa of Syria:

message 31: by Zack (new)

Zack Love (zacklove) Book Trailer for my romantic comedy, Sex in the Title

message 32: by Kristi (new)

Kristi Porter (KristiPorter3) | 2 comments Book Trailer for Stranger Danger - How to Talk to Kids About Strangers

message 33: by Rita (new)

Rita Holcomb | 4 comments Trailer for A Twist of Tobacco

message 34: by Val (new)

Val Mullally (val_mullally) Behave - What To Do When Your Child Won't: The Three Pointers to Mindful Discipline

‘This little gem is my go-to book…’

Discover the three signposts to Mindful Discipline in new Parenting book by Val Mullally. An easy–read that gives you invaluable tools if you are serious about wanting a calmer, happier home.
lease share this with your friends because Parenting is the most important job we'll ever do!)
Paperback and Kindle versions available.

message 35: by Kris (new)

Kris Nacole (krisnacole) | 2 comments Here is the book trailer for Her Biggest Mistake made by Amni Productions!

message 36: by Kris (new)

Kris Nacole (krisnacole) | 2 comments Here is my book trailer for Love Him Back a second-chance, military romance. Made by the talented Amni Productions!

message 37: by Rob (new)

Rob Smales My publisher sent me this trailer for the story collection I have coming out at the end of the month, Echoes of Darkness:

message 38: by Zoë (new)

Zoë S. Roy (zoesroy) | 9 comments Here is a book trailer I've made for The Long March Home at

message 40: by Zoë (new)

Zoë S. Roy (zoesroy) | 9 comments This is the one I've made recently for Calls Across the Pacific at

message 41: by Zoë (new)

Zoë S. Roy (zoesroy) | 9 comments Hi Ella,

You have a fascinating book trailer and I've subscribed to it. Did you make it? Would like to take a look at mine at and subscribe to it?

Ella wrote: "My book trailer for HIDDEN GOLD - A True Story of the Holocaust"

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S. (scopperstone) | 2 comments The High King's Embalmer (soon to be in print form, one of these days):

message 43: by C.A. (new)

C.A. King | 6 comments Welcome to my youtube channel!

message 44: by Anthony (new)

Anthony (authoranthonyavina) | 7 comments Hi there everyone! New to the group, and thought I'd share my last book release's trailer. It's for my novella, VOID. I hope you enjoy it. I've been liking your video trailers as well. I look forward to getting to know you guys.

message 45: by C.A. (new)

C.A. King | 6 comments Book Five Trailer now available

message 46: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey Roberts | 3 comments This is the video trailer for my time travel romance, CHERRIES IN WINTER - inspired by true events!

message 47: by Dallas (new)

Dallas (goodreadscomdallasws) | 7 comments Peter wrote: "Hello Everyone, My name is Lauren and my Dad and I just wrote our first book together it was just released on January 1st, 2016. It is called Elemental Kingdoms: Darkness Descends [book:Darkness De..."

Loved this trailer!

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M.E.R M.E.R (margaretellisryamond) | 3 comments It began as bedtime story and morphed into a five book series. Enjoy!

message 49: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Dillon (stevedillon) | 2 comments This is one of the promo videos for The Refuge Collection range of horror stories to support Refugee charities

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Mario Rivers (mdrivers) | 1 comments This is a trailer for my book "The Truth: Keepin' it 100"

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