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message 1: by Lydia (new)

Lydia (loverofinformation) | 596 comments I just finished this book which I found in the LGBT display at Miami-Dade Public Library (after I moved here the week before). This book is extremely well written and I would like to highly recommend it.

The United States has elected a gay Jewish president. Duncan and his partner are 16 and despite the fact they could not vote, they worked tirelessly on the Stein/[Alicia:]Martinez campaign, so they are ready to party. Their friends, a lesbian couple, who are involved in the Jesus Freak movement which played a key role in the successful campaign, are ready to party with them. Until the State of Kansas contends there are problems with the vote count. The tag line of this book is "What are you willing to do for something you believe in?"

Levithan is a tight writer and is known for writing "Boy Meets Boy". His political background is evident in the extremely well-written segments of the politicans' speeches. But he also has a wicked sense of humor -- you just HAVE to read the section about the boy named Sue whose father is named Loretta!

The book is short (220 pgs) and I would love to discuss at least the issue of if it should have been more developed in terms of character, themes and plotting.

message 2: by Lydia (new)

Lydia (loverofinformation) | 596 comments Since I posted this, I have read a few other things by Levithin (sorry for the original incorrect spelling). I do not like verse stories which he does for "Realms of Possibility". He also did a short story for "This is Push" which is published by Scholastic and highlights innovative new writers.

message 3: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (JenJen1221) | 623 comments I'm actually doing a month of David Levithan right now. And Wide Awake is by far my favorite so far. The speeches that he wrote for his characters that are political leaders...WOW! They are so motivating...it makes me want to vote right now (even though its not voting time...lol). Definitely a book I would recommend!!!

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