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Blue Eyed Vixen | 6 comments Most serious Twilighters (or Twi-holics) will be familiar with another nutter by the name of Kaleb Nation a.k.a. Twilightguy (if not you can find him on You-tube or Twitter or at
This guy is seriously funny and worth a read.

I've juat been told that he is releasing his first novel soon and you can jump the que and read the first 4 chapters by downloading it at this website -

So "folks" .... have a read and let me know your thoughts - the good, the bad, and the sparkly!!!
[ha ha ha she says in a wicked tone:].

I'll read as soon as I get a chance (i.e. at work...of course this is work-related) and post a response but am interested to hear what others think. Someone has already mentioned a similarity to HP? in style...hmmm.

Til then, V.

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Daisymay wrote: "Someone has already mentioned a similarity to HP?"

Daisymay wrote: "I've juat been told that he is releasing his first novel soon"

"Someone", "just been told", did you forget my name or something? Credit where it's deserved. :)

And, yes, the book is available, but not the first 4 chapters, only the first 40 pages. Which is still enough for me to say, that it's really good so far. It's to be released on September 9th, and available for pre-order on Amazon.

It has that same, baby left on a doorstep, feel. Except, for a conspicuous scar on the forehead, there is a mysterious doorstep, only it's not a doorstep at all, it's a bank vault.

You can download it here. Tell me if the link doesn't work.

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