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Dividing it into books

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message 1: by Ane (new)

Ane (jackedbylit) | 2 comments i got that the book names are those of the stones, but i couldn't link some of them to the chapters in that particular book. Help?

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael Reilly (Buttonman88) | 9 comments Mod
HI Aneta

Glad to see you got the book safety.

Actually, the book names are not linked to the stones which accompany each's title page. The novel is broken into "parts" in order to better differentiate the phases of the story and the title pages just seemed like the most appropriate places to present each of the seven stones (including the end page for the surplus stone) for the reader's benefit. The book biblical names are significant in that they thematically represent the new situation the story encounters within that part but there is no link between the book name and the stone shown for it. Therefore you won't find specific portions within any book that tie into the stone shown at the start. Sorry :(

Thanks for posting your review and I'm really glad that you liked the novel.


message 3: by Ane (new)

Ane (jackedbylit) | 2 comments I got the book safely, and quickly. My first First Reads book, so i am not allowing anyone to touch it. And, i'm happy I liked this book, because I'm critical when it comes to any book. I already have people lined up to borrow mine. :)

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