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message 1: by Gamal (new)

Gamal Hennessy I'm trying to get feedback on different distribution models for e-books. I'm releasing a new novel in the fall and I'm trying to explore all my options.

Has anyone put their recent book into the Kindle Scout program? If so, what was your experience?

Do you feel KDP Select is still a viable program, or has it's utility in book sales passed?

Are you having more success with Kobo, Nook, Smashwords, Oyster, draft2digital or other programs, or is Amazon still dominating the e-book market?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


message 2: by Michael (last edited Aug 27, 2015 10:25PM) (new)

Michael Lewis (mll1013) | 128 comments For me Smashwords download rates is about 2x-3x of my Kindle downloads, but..... my book is listed as free, and I understand that Smashwords is the most looked-to distributor for consumers of free books.

I am curious about Kindle Scout, but will take a hard look first. Since my next book will be a second book of a series, I'm hesitant to go with an exclusive Amazon deal, for fear of alienating any of my readers who have started my series on a different platform (B&N Nook, Kobo, etc.)

message 3: by Mellie (new)

Mellie (mellie42) | 538 comments I looked at Kindle Scout for my last release but two things struck me. One was that it was a popularity contest and you needed to drum up enough people to vote for you and secondly Scout books aren't doing any better than I could achieve on my own.

I'm starting to see traction on Apple & Kobo (steady 3 figures/month). While they aren't as high as Amazon sales yet, it's early days and I have only been wide for 3 weeks now. I have heard it takes 6 months to get a foothold in other markets.

message 4: by Kristofer (new)

Kristofer Hanson (kristofermhanson) | 12 comments Draft2Digital just distributes your book through every channel except Amazon... but even that is a grey area because they also use Createspace, which is owned by Amazon, and automatically puts the paperback copy of your book up on your Kindle page.

Anyhow, Amazon has been the solid one for me so far. I have not touched KDP Select since D2D has put my book through all those other outlets. IF I had known about Kindle Scout sooner I might have given it a shot, but like A.W. said, seems like a popularity contest.

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