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message 1: by Carola (new)

Carola (carola-) | 167 comments I always like these kind of topics and I'm looking forward to see what you're all reading in Japanese :)

Right now I'm reading Shinichi Hoshi's 気まぐれロボット (Kimagure Robotto, 'The Whimsical Robot').

It's aimed at children but I think the content is quite fun for adults too. Basically sci-fi short stories (5 pages max per story) with a punchline at the end. It's very readable, a bit too easy for me but great practice for JLPT N3 level :)

message 2: by Akylina (new)

Akylina | 92 comments I recently started reading Read Real Japanese Essays: Contemporary Writings by Popular Authors. It's a bit challenginf but I'm enjoying it so far :)

message 3: by Carola (new)

Carola (carola-) | 167 comments Akylina, I quite enjoyed that book :) Had some really fun essays!
Also make sure to check out its companion, Read Real Japanese Fiction: Short Stories by Contemporary Writers (which imho is even better).

I'm currently reading さわらないで by Kiyomi Niitsu. It's a horror novel (but admittedly I'm 50% in and nothing scary has happened yet..).

message 4: by June (new)

June McCabe | 12 comments Hey Carola! I like this thread! I'm currently reading Ring and re-reading one of my all-time favorite manga series, Nana, Vol. 5. I absolutely love the Ring so far because the language is relatively straightforward and the story is engaging.

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