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message 1: by A.J. (new)

A.J. Burke (authorajburke) | 2 comments Good morning everyone!
I am searching for an Editor to look over my novel that is in progress. Someone that can be there as a partner through this with me would be nice.
I will be self publishing and need this to be thoroughly looked over more than once.
I would love this to be a reasonable arrangement.

message 2: by Tom (new)

Tom (tom_shutt) | 13 comments Hi Shelbie,

I would be interested in giving your book a sample edit of the first 1500 words, to see if we'd be a good match working with each other. =)

I've worked with self-published authors in the past, some of whom are now USA Today and NYT bestselling authors (and, of course, repeat clients).

You can see testimonials and pricing estimates on my website, and if you'd like the free sample edit, feel free to contact me here, on the website, or directly by email —> thomasjshutt@gmail.com

Posting some more information here about your book might also be useful for editors trying to determine compatibility! What is the genre, for instance, and expected total length of the book?

I hope you find what you're looking for! =)

message 3: by A.J. (new)

A.J. Burke (authorajburke) | 2 comments Thank you Tom!

Just a brief update on the novel itself it is a fiction piece. Currently it is running on 12,000 words so it is still in progress. He expected total length around 50,000.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi Shelbie!

I'd love to discuss the possibility of working with you. I love working with new and aspiring authors and I believe I fully understand what you mean when you say you're looking for a partner who can be with you throughout this process.

Feel free to visit my website or contact me here or via email > editor@drappiertech.com

Looking forward to discussing your project with you.

Best of luck!


message 5: by P.N. (new)

P.N. Elrod (pnelrod) | 85 comments Shelbie wrote: "Good morning everyone!
I am searching for an Editor to look over my novel that is in progress.

When the novel is still in progress you don't need an editor yet, but a posse of betareaders to check it out and offer feedback.

Most of the time you can find readers happy to do this for FREE, providing you return the favor on their works.

If you are after a developmental editor, then THAT'S expensive. The good ones always are. I'm good at it, but at this point you're better off seeking out free betas for the job.

Join Absolute Write (it's free), hang out, read their threads on betas, and see what works best for you.


message 6: by Sara (new)

Sara Elizabeth (saraxelizabeth) | 23 comments Hello, Shelbie.

I would be happy to edit the novel as you go along and provide a final edit once it's finished. My website is http://serendipityediting.com

Feel free to message me on here with any questions!

message 7: by Katie-bree (new)

Katie-bree | 17 comments Shelbie wrote: "Good morning everyone!
I am searching for an Editor to look over my novel that is in progress. Someone that can be there as a partner through this with me would be nice.
I will be self publishing a..."

Hi Shelbie,

My name is Katie-bree and I am an editor and proofreader. I love working with Indie Authors and my favourite type of edit to complete is a developmental edit, which is where I work with the author while the work is still young to ensure it shines as you intend it to, so I think I would be an ideal fit for you :) I encourage open communication while working with you throughout the process. I enjoy editing so my prices are not hefty and I would love to share some more information with you. Please shoot me an email at dontgrumblegiveawhistle@gmail.com if you are interested or would just like some general editing information.
Good luck with your novel!

message 8: by Karlie (new)

Karlie DeMarse | 14 comments Shelbie,

I'm happy to offer a free sample of my editing services. Sounds like you are looking for a complete substantive edit. My rates actually matter on how established you are as a writer. If this is your first novel, my substantive editing rates are geared to be affordable for the starting author. I ask for $0.0032 per word. If this book is part of a series, I offer an even lower rate.
If you are interested in sending a sample, please send it to drdemarse@gmail.com, and we can see if our styles work well together.
Thank you,

message 9: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Frail (nicolefrail17) | 9 comments Hi Shelbie,

I offer partial manuscript critiques and would be happy to look at this while it develops. I also edit, but I think what you're looking for first is a critique: no editing, but thoughts on what's looking good and what doesn't quite work.

I can do critiques by page (.90 cents each) or I can do the first 50 pages for $40. I'm running a 15% off promotion for August, so please be sure to check me out!

or email nicolefrailedits@gmail. com to discuss



message 10: by William (new)

William Donnelly | 10 comments Good luck with your novel.

When you are ready, check out my editing services here:


message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

Hello, Shelbie :-) Might as well jump in here...

Since last March I've helped more than two dozen Goodreads authors polish up their manuscripts, everything from novels to kid's books to an e-book sex manual, and some self-help books too. My prices are reasonable and my turnaround is good. If you're interested in careful editing that respects your voice, please visit my website...


Thank you and Happy Holidays :-)
Jim Dodds

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