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Lexa (x1d4dbx1f30cx1d4e3x1d4d2) | 19 comments Free plots here! Please ask my permission before using one/more.

Person A likes person B, but person B doesn't realise it. Person C, (who has an enormous crush on person A), agrees to set up an enormous picnic for person A, so that he/she can impress person B and confess his/her feelings. However, as luck would have it, person A just caught person B on his/her way to a date with somebody else. Person A is heartbroken, and runs back to person C, who is now experiancing mixed feelings of happiness and guilt. How will it end? Well, that's up to you.

((Okay, I am seriously going to bed now.))

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Lexa (x1d4dbx1f30cx1d4e3x1d4d2) | 19 comments A primary school bully and a tough, athletic girl in his class have had a rivalry for years. They have not once shown a glimmer of friendship to eachother. Then, on Valentines day, the girl gets a love letter signed anonymously. The girl and her friends try to figure out who sent it, instantly disregarding the possibility of it being the bully when he starts teasing her about it. However, in response to his "you've got a boyfriend" themed comments, she takes the carefully made letter and goes to throw it away. What will his reaction be?

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Lexa (x1d4dbx1f30cx1d4e3x1d4d2) | 19 comments Okay, now I'm really bored... Plot time!

Set in AC Syndicate universe.

After seeing his skills in battle, a strong-willed female assassin attempts to get a crook into the brotherhood. He demonstrates his abilities to the higher-ups, and they reluctantly take him in. The female is tasked with training him, and soon enough, a casual, yet special bond grows between them. Soon enough, they are both given the job of what the higher-ups call a "mass assassination", wherein a group of criminals and templar-potentials are gathering. The meeting ends in fire, literally, and the male assassin is forced to watch their suffering. (Bear in mind that this is his first assignment.) The female notices that he seems troubled, but he dismisses her affection, saying that it is nothing worth being concerned about. The next day, he is gone.

Months later, the assassins hear that several high-ranking innocents are dropping like fleas, and that they are being blamed for it. It is the male assassin, and soon enough, he finds himself beset upon all sides with other assassins and templars. After a clash of morals, personal needs, love and judgement, the female feels compelled to seek him out and prove him innocent, not just to the brotherhood, but to society, before he is cut down and vanishes into the shadows of history.

Genders can be changed, but same-sex relationships were much less frequent in that time.

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