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Dustin Beutin | 2 comments Hello, reviewers!

Invisible Wounds, a riveting political thriller, is set to be published in November of this year by RoundFire. This represents my first, official published novel and I am incredibly excited to offer it to my fellow Goodreads community members for review.

For those of you who are NetGalley members, you may use the NetGalley invite below.

For those of you who are not NetGalley members, ARC of Invisible Wounds are available in pdf or Kindle. To request an ARC of Invisible Wounds, please fill out the Contact Form at with the following information:
- Your preferred format
- GoodReads profile
- Preferred delivery email address

The blurb of the book is below. Happy reading!


"Two men murdered inside a secure facility in Kabul.

An experienced detective abducted from a crowded nightclub.

Rumors of a secret network hidden in the far reaches of the Afghan desert.

And the one man who can tie it all together.

Invisible Wounds is a riveting thriller that navigates a world of hidden agendas, brazen deceit, and costly choices. Simultaneously gripping and fast-paced, Invisible Wounds is also a meaningful consideration of the generational costs of a decade of global conflict.

In May, 2010, Special Agent Morgan Huntley learns that a close colleague has been abducted while investigating the shocking murders of two soldiers within a NATO command facility in Kabul, Afghanistan. Within days, it becomes clear that his friend's investigation had uncovered a disturbing rumor: a group of retired U.S. Army personnel may have returned to Afghanistan to build a drug cartel posing as defense contractors, utilizing the Army's own logistics network.

With the clock ticking on both the case and his friend’s life, Morgan accepts an offer to volunteer for an undercover mission to Afghanistan, posing as a civilian contractor. Upon arrival, however, Morgan learns that the kidnapping is but one small piece of a wider and more dangerous puzzle. Worse, Morgan's civilian cover story is immediately endangered when a close friend of his ex-wife becomes a key asset in his investigation, her knowledge of Morgan's real identity and their feelings towards each other a serious complication to his mission.

The case takes a strange, new direction, though, when his friend’s body is found rotting on the outskirts of Kabul and the leaders of the drug ring emerge from the shadows, insisting that they are not the party responsible for either the killing of Morgan’s colleague or the murders that set this investigation in motion. In fact, to Morgan's surprise, the cartel wants more than just to proclaim their innocence. They also want to make a business arrangement: help them in an unthinkable task and, in return, they will provide the details of the trap into which Morgan has become unknowingly ensnared."

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Mehreen Ahmed (mehreen2) | 57 comments Send me a pdf copy. Mehreen

Dustin Beutin | 2 comments Mehreen wrote: "Send me a pdf copy. Mehreen"

Thank you, Mehreen. Just sent a copy to that address.

Happy Reading.

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