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The Reaping has started, you can Rp with each other or you can post a single Reaping post, it's up to you.

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Flaire's heart pounded as she made her way to the reaping stage. Memories of what happened four years ago came flooding back to her. Images of blood and innocents screaming invaded her mind, and all Flaire could do was keep walking. She had to do her duty, and most of all she had to make sure her tributes survived. Flaire hadn't seen who was volunteering this year like she normally did. This, for some reason, made her curious. Had she simply forgotten too or was fate testing her?

So once Falire made it two the registration desk, she simply spoke her name, and the peacekeepers let her pass through the crowd, to give her easy access to the reaping stage. While doing so, Flaire felt a tingling at the back of her neck causing her to look over her shoulder, but as soon as she did, she met a face that made her heart burn as if it was set on fire. Why did she have to look? ...

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Micheal stood in the crowd with his age group, forcing himself to stare anywhere but at Flaire as everyone settled in. He felt more sober than he had been in months, but he didn't feel great about it. He felt sick about what he was going to do and that he'd be stuck being in such close proximity to Flaire for such a long time. She hadn't spoken to him since she left and he wouldn't be shocked if she found a way to ignore him while she was his mentor. He let his mind wander a bit more before he shook himself out of it, zoning back in after the video and watching as the name for the female tribute was pulled and working up his courage as the escort moved to draw the males name.

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Flaire couldn't help but stare at Micheal. He was ignoring her but she could feel the hatred spilling out of him. The only person the could be directed at was her. The few times that Flaire had seen Micheal was when he had his arms around some girl, or him with drink in his hand. Flaire wanted so badly to reach out to him, and comfort him but every time she had to remind herself that she wasn't talking to him for a reason. Flaire couldn't look away, or bother to pay attention to the female tribute yet. So when they called her name, Flaire just kept staring at her Mika. He seemed to have grown out his beard a little more than usual, and the same was said about his hair. But, Flaire could tell he seemed the most sober than she had seen in a while. She watched and drank in the sight of him till the reaping was over. But then the male tributes where drawn and her world stopped.

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Micheal moved forward as the male name was called. He had volunteered and been accepted and he knew what was coming. He shot a quick glance at Flaire, letting a small but satisfied smirk cross his face before he turned away and faced the crowd and then the female, shaking her hand. He recognized her but he wasn't sure from where. Not that it mattered, he recognized a lot of the female population. He stood with his back straight and face firm as the Escort finished up their speech before letting the peace keepers lead him to the rooms to say good bye. He knew all of the warnings he would get from his parents and sister. He wouldn't let them go through what they did when his brother was killed in front of them. He had to win and that's exactly what he was going to do.

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((Can Flaire Visit Him?))

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Flaire felt her entire body get cold. She just looked at Micheal with her mouth open. How could he do this? Did he not know the terror that happened in the games? How could he does this especially after what happened to his brother?! Flaire marched off the stage, ignore the pointed looks she got from the camera crew and the few people that saw her dramatic exit. She went to the justice building and the first moment she was alone she made sure no one saw her as she let out a pained sob. She tried so hard to protect him from the horror of the capitol and now he's a volunteer in the games!

It wasn't but ten minutes later that farther down the hall the sound of marching peacekeepers bounced around the hallway. They escort the tributes to their rooms to say goodbye to their loved ones. Normally Mentors weren't meant to meet the tributes before the train station, but Flaire couldn't help herself. "Let me see him." The peacekeeper gave her a cold stare, "Ma'am you know I'm not aloud-" "Did I ask for your permission? I said, Let me see him now!" The peacekeeper stood still for a few seconds before finally deciding that it would be worse to not let Flaire in. Flaire knocked on the door waiting for her ex boyfriend to answer the door.

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Micheal frowned, wondering who it could be. His family had already left and he didn't think anyone would visit him. He stood and went to opening the door, his jaw dropping when he saw Flaire. Out o everyone who showed up to his door it just had to be her. He took a second to compose himself, his eyes going cold. "Can I help you?" He asked, walking away form the door and heading back to his seat. He wasn't in the mood to talk to her, and he wasn't sure to handle her while he was sober. He hadn't had to deal with her since she abandoned him and he would have been content to keep it that way. He didn't want her pretending that she cared after such a long time. He couldn't deal with getting his hopes up and having his heart broken again.

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