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The Reaping has started, you can Rp with each other or you can post a single Reaping post, it's up to you.

Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) Sage impatiently sat through the video they showed every year. She got the message loud and clear. President Snow was a dictator and saying anything else got you flogged in the streets. Her scars twitched at the thought. As per the usual, the escort picked a name from the pool of girls first. This was Sage's last year in the reaping but that didn't mean she was home free. She licked her lips in anticipation, and a little fear, as the Escort read the name aloud.

"Sage Ryan!"

Her stomach dropped and she gritted her teeth. She should've known. She should have known this was going to happen. They led her towards a false sense of security and then stabbed her in the back. She shouldn't have expected any different from the Capitol. Resisting the urge to spit in their faces, she walked calmly and confidently to the stage, her face void of any emotion. As she made her way to the stage, she sought out her mother in the crowd. As Sage saw her, her heart wrenched. Her mother had broken into tears. Sage was the only one her mother had left and Sage wasn't about to let the Capitol kill her off and cause her mom any more pain. The Capitol was going to pay.

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