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The Reaping has started, you can Rp with each other or you can post a single Reaping post, it's up to you.

Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) Maverick was the definition of calm as he made his way to the town square. He held a proud smirk on his face and his hands were loosely hanging in his dress pants pocket. His shirt was untucked, but barely had a wrinkle. He put up a good front like a good little career, but his mind was racing. This was the year. The year that his parents finally demanded he volunteer and make his family proud. He was stricken with panic at the thought of it. But no one could know. So he smirked. He was so lost in thought, he didn't notice the girl that had stopped in front of him until he crashed into her. Quickly pulled out of his thoughts, he managed to keep the two of them standing upright. Her face brought slight recognition, but her name eluded him. He brushed himself off before smiling playfully at her.
"Well, hello there. Name's Maverick. What's yours?"

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As if Silver wasn't in a bad mood already, and then someone had to bump into her at the reaping registration line. Why did she have to miss work for this? She wasn't going to be reaped she's 18, this is the last time she has to go to this stupid thing. But this guy just had to bump into her. Silver turned around, her platinum hair circling behind her. She crossed her arms, and looked at the boy with narrowed eyes. "My name is my own. I don't have to tell you that."

Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) ((It's fine. I totally understand >.<))

Maverick smiled as if the comment didn't bother him. Inside, he felt jealous. This girl was obviously her very own person and there was no pretending there.
"Oh that's alright, I always like some mystery." He said with a wink. He knew he would get nowhere with this girl, as he knew with many girl, but that never usually stopped him from doing it. He almost hated himself for it.

((Mines pretty short too. Sorry!))

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Silver raised and eyebrow, and male. 'Really? Flirting? Did he know who he was messing with?' Silver let out a fake laugh and batted her eyelashes like a normal girl would, "Really pretty boy. You think I'm the type of girl that would fall for something like that?" Silver let out a scoff, "Please. Now if your done running me over, I think it's my turn." Silver was next in line at the registration line, she handed over her finger to scowling women sitting behind the desk. A pinch of blood was all she needed, Silver was just glad it wasn't a needle. "Next!", the woman called out. Silver turned around and gave the boy one last look. "Pretty boy, looks like I'm not the only one that's not affected by your charm, or looks." Silver jestered at the scowling women before finding the rest of the girl her age in the crowd.

Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) Maverick away faltered when the girl batted her eyelashes and giggled, but remained in control of his facial features.
"So what I'm hearing is that you think I'm pretty?" He joked as she signed into the reaping. He glanced down at the paper as he held out his finger and got a quick glance at her name. Silver. Perfect. As she called over her shoulder, he finally glanced up and smirked at her.
"That's too bad. I would've loved to hangout later, Silver!" He shouted before turning around before he could see her reaction and joining the other 17 year old males.

((Aw that's too bad. I hope you feel better!))

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Silver almost growled under her breath. She should have thought about her name being in the registration, why didn't she let him go first? One thing she did notice though was when Silver looked to find him in the crowd, she realized that he was standing in the 17 year old group. Not only was he a pretty boy, he was young. But Silver couldn't dwell on that now. The video clip was starting, the one that everyone had seen every year as soon as they turned 12. Silver wished she could her dagger at the screen, to shut up president snow. At the thought of it, Silver couldn't help but smirk.

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Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) ((lol I just realized the many spelling errors >.< Sorry about that, I was on the app and was typing too fast I guess))

Maverick managed to glance sideways at Silver once during the presentation without getting caught. She was staring daggers at the screen and Maverick would've burst out laughing if he didn't have an iron grip on his emotions. If looks could kill, Snow would be a dead, dead man. Not that he wouldn't mind seeing President Snow killed. He tuned out the rest of the video, instead focusing on the back of the head of the boy in front of him. He tried to calm his growing nerves before the video ended but to no avail. It took all of his mental power to keep from shaking, and he barely noticed when the escort from the capitol took the stage.

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((It's fine :) Do you want to play the escort? Currently there is none from this district.))

Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) ((Sure!))
"Welcome!" The escort boomed with a flourish of her hand. "To the 75th annual Hunger games! This year is quite special, as it is a quarter quell!"

Maverick was jostled around as some of the others around him shifted in excitement. Sick bastards he thought as he forced a smile.

"As always," the escort continued in her Capitol afflicted voice, "Ladies first." She made her way over to the reaping bowl filled with all the eligible girls names. She let the anticipation gather as she swirled her hand around the bowl before finally picking one up and holding it in the air. She took her time making her way back to the microphone and opening up the piece of paper. She glanced into the crowd and announced in a loud voice,
"Silver Dawnstar!"

Maverick's head whipped around to spot out Silver in the crowd. How on earth could he volunteer now? It didn't help he didn't want to do it in the first place. Why couldn't it have been someone he didn't know/ have met?

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Silver's body froze and her heart seemed to break. She was reaped, on her last year. How cruel the world seemed to be. So when Silver was being escorted to the stage, she has to blink a few times to realize what was happening. As she walked to the stage, a plan seemed to sprout in her head. She was thinking about how the world saw her, scared and innocent, and possibly about to die. Why not act as if though Silver never had a chance? That's what everyone was assuming anyway. So when Silver reached the stage, she looked at her feet, and tried to pretend as if though she was crying. The only time she looked back up was when the male tributes name was heard.

Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) Maverick was slightly confused as Silver seemed to start crying, as it was the complete opposite of the girl he had run into earlier. Unless... Maybe she was faking it? Mav had to agree, it was a pretty solid plan. Even a career district had its "weaklings". Pleased with his observations, he glanced around at the girls side, silently hoping one of them would volunteer. As the escort asked for volunteers a few times (you could tell she was waiting for a volunteer, as most people did in district four), Maverick silently cursed as no one spoke up. This was going to be a lot harder than he thought.

"And now the boys!" Exclaimed the escort, eagerly continuing on. She did the same thing as with the girls, trying to prolong the excitement.
"Stewart Hayle" she read loudly.

Maverick held his breath as the name was read. The crowd shifted for a twelve year old boy who looked deathly afraid. At least that made it a bit easier. Before Stewart made it to the stage, and before Maverick could lose his nerve, he stepped into the isle in between the boys and girls and announces loudly, "I volunteer!"
Maverick could see Stewart visibly deflate in relief. Maverick swaggered to the stage and winked in his beaming family's direction, trying to ignore the sinking feeling in his stomach.

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Silver almost lost all the composure she had, and was about to shoot the boy a glare before she caught eye of a camera pointed towards her. So instead Silver looked up with shy eyes. Her plan would be ruined, if pretty boy said anything about her change in personality. If he said anything whatsoever about her faking it, he'll be dead before he even steps foot on the arena. Perhaps a deal could be struck, one where pretty boy kept his mouth shut, and where Silver promised she would help him out before the arena. Though when Silver saw him swagger onto the stage, she had the urge to smack his arm. He was acting as if though this was a game, he must have a family that has a close relationship with the Capitol. Typical Career.

Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) "Wonderful!" Exclaimed the escort. "And what is your name?" She asked Maverick.

"Maverick Cruise," he responded smoothly. As the escort had them shake hands, Maverick squeezed Silver's hand a bit harder than normal and angled his face away from the cameras before sending her a wink, trying to tell her he wouldn't say anything. They might've not hit it off before, but they were in this together now.

"Our two District Four tributes!" The escort announced proudly as the district cheered. Maverick bit back a grimace. Of course they would cheer after sending two teens to their deaths. Instead, he smiled and waved for his district, putting on a show as he always had.

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Silver misunderstood the Squeeze of his hand and the wink. 'So he does think this is a game? Did he volunteer because of me?' But Silver saw the look he gave the small boy when he walked on stage. Something gnawed at Siv that this pretty boy had secrets that no one probably saw. So right now Silver decided that she'll worry about that latter, especially when she saw the face of her older brother in the crowd. A grim look covered his face, and tears were pouring out of his eyes, and over the long scar that was the work of the peacekeepers. Cobalt did everything he could to protect Siv, he didn't let her take teeran, and started working way younger than Siv did, but they both knew that nothing could have avoided this. As Siv looked into her brother eyes, she let honest tears fall down her face.

Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) ((Oh I have an idea! Maybe Silvers brother can talk to Maverick about protecting her in the arena?))

Maverick grinned into the crowd, pretending to love the attention. Instead he had eyes only for his family. They were cheering alongside the rest of the district and Maverick felt a twinge of bitterness. How could they send their only son into the games willingly. They might've trained him for it his whole life, but why couldn't they understand that nothing in the games was set in stone. What if he didn't make it back? Would they cry and mourn over him? Would they see where they had gone wrong? Would they just be disappointed in him? Would they pressure his little sister into the games to win what he couldn't?

Despite his thoughts, his smile never faltered as he was led to a room in the city hall to say his goodbyes.

Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) ((Yeah! Although it might be helpful for you to go first so I can get more of a sense of his personality and whatnot.))

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((of course ^.^))

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Cobalt walked down the halls of the justice room, heart pounding. How could this happen? Everything he did to keep his little Siv safe, wasted. He tried so hard to make sure nothing bad happened to her, not letting her get terrain, not making her start working till she wanted to, and even some other things that Silver didn't even know about. "This is her room." Cobalt look at what was said to be Silver's door before he turned to his right to see another door, he asked the peacekeeper, "That's the boys room, right?" The peacekeeper didn't answer, not that Cobalt had expected him to. He was the peacekeeper who gave him his scar after all.
"I'm going to see him." Cobalt said aloud, and as he walked down the hallway, he faintly heard the words, "I was just following orders." whisper behind him. Cobalt told the peacekeeper stationed by the boys door, that he wanted to speak to Maverick Cruise. The peacekeeper nodded and said, "Just a moment, I believe someone else is with."

Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) Maverick said his goodbyes to his family. It took a whole lot more effort to keep up his arrogant demeanor as his parents eyes misted with tears. But they weren't for him, he knew. They were just so proud of him and while he relished in that praise, there was also the underlying feel of bitterness and betrayal. He couldn't help but feel as if this was the last time he was going to see his family.
"Will you wear this in the arena?" His little sister asked, holding out a woven bracelet. "Then we can be matching!" She exclaimed as she held out her own wrist, showing off her own similar bracelet.
"Of course, kiddo," Maverick grinned as she tied it onto his wrist. He promised right then that he would never take it off.
After their time was up, Maverick couldn't help but feel a bit drained and he slumped in a chair. When the peacekeeper announced another visitor, Maverick quickly swung his legs up onto the desk and appeared as though lounging in the chair he sank into. He wondered who else would visit him. It was true he knew plenty of people, but he couldn't say he knew any of them well enough to expect a visit from them.

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As the guard opened the door, Cobalt looked back down the hallway to see Maverick's family leaving, two parents, with a little girl walk, (almost running) down the hallway. Suddenly, Cobalt remembered his little sitting in this deep dark hole looking alone and scared, but putting up as soon as she saw him. "Sivy..." He whispered. But he shook his head and walked into Maverick's room. "You don't know me," Cobalt started,"but my name's Cobalt. Cobalt Dawnstar. I have a really big favor to ask of you." Cobalt moved to sit down across for Maverick, resting his elbow's on his knees. His long blonde hair, swiping slightly over his eyes as he looked up at Maverick. "Maverick, I want you to protect my sister."

((Now that I think about it, If you've ever watched supernatural Cobalt's almost like Dean.))

Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) Maverick raised his eyebrows at the boys directness and lowered his feet when he introduced himself. Dawnstar... he thought. Wasn't that Silver's last name?

His suspicions were confirmed when Cobalt asked him to watch over Silver. Maverick let his seemingly carefree act drop. For some reason he felt like he could be himself around Cobalt. He processed and considered what Cobalt said. Here was someone who knew what the Hunger Games did to people and wanted to protect his family rather than throw them to other ruthless teens. Why didn't his parents understand that? Didn't they love him?

"I don't know, man..." He finally responded, sounding a little choked up. "I've been training my whole life and I'm not even sure I'm gonna make it, if I'm being honest," he admitted. Saying it made it all the more real and Maverick was struck with another bout of fear. He stood up and gripped the edge of his chair, giving Cobalt a pained look.

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Cobalt sighed and ran a hand through his hair before looking back at Maverick. He started at him for a moment, going over what he was going to say in his head. "Look Maverick, if you think you're not going to make it to begin with, why not help someone at before they die?" Even though he was the one who said, Cobalt couldn't help but slightly shiver when he said that. "I know my sister, and Silver is not going to want anything to do with you. She's very stubborn, and the only she trusts is me. But she won't even want your help if I tell her so you have to keep this a secret. Siv will feel like your wasting your life so she can live, and that is something she will not stand for. Ever. But I have to ask. She's all I have left in this world Maverick. Do you have someone like that?" Cobalt didn't mean to show how vulnerable he was but Cobalt just couldn't help it. He looked away staring off randomly, trying to think of some reason this guy would help him. That's when Cobalt noticed the beaded bracelet around his wrist. It was almost if... a little kid made it. Thoughts rushed together, as Cobalt pieced together that how much he cared about Silver, this Maverick cared about his little sister. "If you help me.... I'll do what ever I can to help your family in return. I promise you this."

Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) Maverick couldn't really argue with that logic, and it would be nice if he had something to think about other than himself. He chuckled a bit at The mention of Silver's stubbornness. He couldn't argue with that. And the thought that Cobalt cared enough about her to ask him was pretty moving, he doubted his parents were doing the same thing. They were probably going to throw a party or something.

Maverick glanced down at the mention of his family, and followed Cobalt's gaze to the bracelet on his wrist. Despite trying to hold it back, Maverick felt his eyes tearing up. Although he didn't think his family would need any help, it would help him to know someone was watching out for them. Especially Macie. He blinked the tears away, regaining his tight control over his emotions and reached out a hand.


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Cobalt could see he hit a nerve, do to the emotion shown all over Mavericks face. So he stood up and shook Mavericks hand with a small smile on his face. Sure this was a grim circumstance, but now Cobalt gave his sister the best chance he could give her. "Is there anything you want me to look out for? Or to tell you family after... it happens?" Cobalt had plans to send a percentage of his money he earns at the market everyday. It wasn't much but hopefully it was enough to show Cobalt's appreciation.

Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) Maverick let out a lengthy breath and was silent for a moment as he debated back and forth about what he wanted to say.
"They'll probably glorify my death," he admitted. "Just make sure that they truly remember what happened." Maverick paused as he glanced at his bracelet. "And my sister, Macie, she's only seven so she has a little time but if you could somehow see to it that my parents never make her volunteer, that'd be great." His voice choked up a bit at the end, as he remembered all the years his parents had pressured him into volunteering and all the disappointed looks they'd give him when he didn't.
"And just, make sure they knew that I loved them," he said finally. Maverick purposely left out any mention of money. He knew his parents would be just fine and it seemed as though Cobalt was already struggling. Maverick felt that if anything, his family could help out Cobalt. Instead of adding anything more, he gathered himself up emotionally. That would be the last time he lowered his wall.
"I'll do my best," Maverick promised. "And I trust you'll do the same."

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"Of course." Cobalt look to the side debating weather or not to tell Maverick this, hell could he even trust him? As soon as they get into the arena he could use any information he can against Silver. But when Cobalt gave Maverick a once over, he decided that the emotion he saw for his own family... well it seemed that Maverick wasn't the type of person to be so cruel, even if his life depended on it. "If for what ever reason, Silver doesn't listen to you, or if you need her to do something, or even if she's afraid... Remind her that when she was little she did a grown up job without her big brother Coby helping her. That will make her listen."

Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) Maverick gave Cobalt a grim nod before the Peacekeepers entered the room to announce his time was up. Maverick sat down in his chair again, knowing he wouldn't have any other visitors.

((I meant to say this earlier, but thanks for relating him to Dean. It really helped >.<))

Cobalt was escorted by the peacekeepers to Silver's room. Although the situation was still very dire, he felt that he had done the best for his little sister short of actually going in the arena with her. After talking to Maverick, now came the hard part. Saying goodbye.

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((XP I thought it would!))

Silver had been pasing back and fourth, going over what had just happened. Where was Coby? He would be the only one that would com to see her, she didn't know anyone else. How could this have happened? Her brother had done everything he could, not letting her take terrain, making sure that the two of them were on good terms with the peacekeepers, and he even worked most of his life so Silver didn't have to. The only thing he couldn't do was be younger and a girl. Not that silver wanted her brother to do something like that, she was just so used to it now. Then there was a knock on the door. "Coby?"

Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) "Siv!" Cobalt cried, rushing into the room and sweeping Silver into his arms. He held on tightly, trying to memorize everything in this moment.
"I'm so sorry," he breathed quietly. Every thought he had been repressing while talking to Maverick swam through his head. He had done everything he possibly could've, how could he have let this happen? He was her older brother, solely responsible for her care and now she was going into the Hunger Games. A few tears slipped out and he pulled away quickly to wipe them away. He would be strong for her in this moment. He would be the shoulder to cry on, although he doubted Silver would need one, despite the act she put on in front of the cameras.

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Silver wrapped her arms around her brother, with tears forming in her eyes, she could cry because it would help her cover. "Coby it's not your fault! We both know who's fault this is." Silver cursed the capitol before moving out of her brother's embrace. "What took you so long? I was afraid that a peacekeeper nabbed you." She said in a shaky, teasing voice. Silver wiped at her eyes, before sitting down on the couch not far away. She wanted to have a nice talk with her brother not a hysterical goodbye.

Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) Cobalt bit back his response. He knew it wasn't his fault, but it still felt like it was. He forced a laugh at Silver's feeble attempt at a joke.
"Nothing could stop me from saying goodbye to my sister," he replied, placing his hands on her shoulders. "Besides, you shouldn't worry about me. You should worry about yourself. Your cover might help you some, but you shouldn't rely heavily on it. Make sure you train hard when no one's looking." He bit his lip, trying to decide if he should add the next part.
"I know you probably don't believe me, but I think that the volunteer, Maverick, can help you. At least try to befriend him, he seems to know what he's doing." He said, a note of pleading creeping into his voice. Not thinking of any other last minute advice, he pulled her into another hug.
"Don't worry Siv. I'm going to do everything I can to get you home." He whispered into her hair, trying to be comforting, but not fooling anyone. He was worried and nervous and there was no hiding that, no matter how hard he tried. Silver meant too much to him.

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Silver wanted to say that the capitol and the peacekeepers could stop him, they stopped their parents, but she bit back the response. "I was hoping you would catch that. You know what everyone here in the district thinks about me. Why not use their assumption be my strength?" She gave her brother a bright smile that quickly switched to confusion when he mentioned Maverick. But she let him pull her into a hug anyway ash her mind fumbled about trying to make sense. Who was he talking about... Oh! Pretty boy? Silver's temper flared and her brow furrowed. "Pfft. Pretty boy is the one who needs protection not me. He relies on his charm and arrogance to get him through most situations. I saw that in the reaping line." As Silver thought back to the what happened only minutes before the reaping. "Coby, he knows that I'm acting. Or he will. He saw how angry I got in the reaping line. Unless he thinks I'm bipolar, he'll see right through my disguise."

Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) "That's my intelligent little sister," Cobalt said, ruffling her hair playfully. "Just don't rely too much on it. Make sure you train hard when no one is looking." He warned.
He chuckled a bit at Silver's nickname for Maverick. "Okay, okay. So maybe not Maverick, but at least try to get one ally that can help you in the arena when I can't." His voice close to pleading again as he felt helpless despite everything he had done so far to increase Silver's chances in the games. As Silver voiced her concerns about Maverick blowing her cover, he debated what to tell her to ease her conscience and not make her suspicious.
"I don't think anyone would stoop so low. But still be careful." He finally said. He worried that by saying that, he might've made Maverick's job harder, but he couldn't worry about that.
"Keep your head, don't make stupid decisions, and don't trust anyone completely. You're a smart and tough girl, Siv. You can definitely do this." He reassured her... And himself.

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