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The Reaping has started, you can Rp with each other or you can post a single Reaping post, it's up to you.

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Alexandria stepped onto the stage with her back straight and head held high. She had entered her name enough this year that she wasn't surprised when she was reaped, but it didn't make her feel any better. Her stomach was turning violently and her legs were weak, but she would never show that to those that were watching her. She kept her face straight, her jaw set, and her eyes dry. Her stance dripped with attitude as she shook the hand of the one who had drawn her name. With one deep breath she turned to face the audience, not paying attention as the male tribute was announced. She knew she couldn't afford to get attached to the other tribute simply because he was from her district. She had seen tributes before her do the same thing and they had all been stabbed in the back. She wasn't going to risk that.

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