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The Reaping has started, you can Rp with each other or you can post a single Reaping post, it's up to you.

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Cordelia walked into the town center. She entered the line where they would take your blood. Cordelia was freaked out. Last year, she was saved. Cordelia wasn't chosen. But who knew if she could be chosen this year.

As the line moved up, Cordelia felt her heart pounding. Back at home, her parents told her to be brave. Cordelia remembered this morning's moments,and while thinking about her family, Cordelia was first.

"Your hand, please." A woman's voice sounded. Cordelia looked dumb-founded at the woman in a white suit and slowly gave her shaking hand forward. The woman pinched through her skin and took a pinch of her blood, pressed it down on the paper. As it was identified, Cordelia moved to the crowd.

She stood on her tippy toes, looking for her parents. They were in the front of the parent crowd,and when they saw their precious child, they waved. Along with her parents were Kris and Kate. Tears streamed down their cheeks. They waved to their sister, who waved back.

A light tap on the microphone meant the ceremony was beginning.

"Welcome one, welcome all! This is the 75th Annual Hunger Games Reaping! Happy hunger games, and may the odds, be ever in your favor. Now, as usual, we must watch the video." The woman guided her attention to the screen.

The horrible video played. Cordelia didn't pay attention to it, for she knew it already.

"Now, as usual, ladies first." the woman moved to the bowl. Cordelia's heart started pounding. This was the moment.

As the woman shoved her hand in and took out a ticket, her voice sounded as she said, "Cordelia Stance."

Cordelia froze. Everyone turned to her. Her knees turned to jelly. She was done for. "Come up, dear."

Cordelia moved up. As she walked the stairs and stood on the stage, it took everything she had to not cry. She spotted her whole family silently crying.

"And this is our female tribute for the 75th Annual Hunger Games! Now, for the boys..."

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