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Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, #1)
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Group Read > Let's read and discuss "Diary of a Wimpy Kid, by Jeff Kinney". (Rebecca is leading the discussion)

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message 1: by DenizEFL (last edited Aug 23, 2015 02:05AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

DenizEFL | 13 comments Mod
Thanks Rebecca for suggesting this book as our Fiction 2 Group Read.

Rebecca | 4 comments It's a nice teenage graphic novel.
full of funny pics and events. I hope you enjoy reading it.

message 3: by Ali (new)

Ali | 3 comments there is a movie based on it.
i have watched the movie. i will be done with the book in a few days.

DenizEFL | 13 comments Mod
List of Characters:

Greg is a middle school student who just want's to fit in and be cool. Greg has a best friend named, Rowley. He is a bit of a high school loser and thinks of himself only. Rowley is a bit of a loser.

Rowley is Greg's best friend who is a little more sensitive than any other characters. He is scared of creapy movies and embarrasses people but he is greys best friend.

Susan Heffley:
Susan Heffley is Greg's mother who is described (by Greg) as almost nothing more than an annoying pain. She tries hard to be a good, loving, dedicated mother and wife, but she turns out to just be embarrassing!!!

Frank Heffley:
Greg's dad. Like Susan, he also spoils Manny. Frank doesn't really like Greg's laziness and his hobby of playing video games. He is grumpy and sometimes a potato couch and a secret Keeper.

Manny Heffley:
Manny is Greg's younger brother and is even more spoiled than both Rodrick and Greg combined, is a tattletale and loves candy. Manny is extremely selfish, mean, bratty, greedy and phobic. And he calls Greg names (bubby) and does not get in trouble. His mom never yells at him and is immune to getting in trouble. And he is SCARED of the "Potty Monster!

Rodrick Heffley:
Rodrick is Greg's older brother. Lazy, greedy, stupid, and a bit cruel. He likes to torture Greg, although he is smart enough to not to mess up with Manny. The drummer/leader of the band "Loded Diper."

Collin Lee:
Rowley's substitute best friend.

Shane Snella:
The first volunteer for Greg and Rowley's haunted house.

Bryce Anderson:
The most popular kid in school at Greg's middle school.

Preston Mudd:
The athlete of the month in Greg's Middle School, but gets teased by his name Pee Mud because of the initial and the last name.

Chirag Gupta:
One of the shortest kid in 6th grade. Easily teased, but he is stronger than a normal Indian nerd, so WATCH OUT!!!

School nutter and immature dude. Weird kid that is the only kid in school that doesn't have a friend to hang out with. Greg hates him, but his mom thinks they make a perfect couple of friends.

Lead singer of Loded Diper. He still lives with his parents!

message 5: by NadiaN99 (new) - added it

NadiaN99 | 5 comments this topic brought back a lot of memories. :)
i don't remember the book that well ( think i read it about two years ago...) but there is one thing i remember (mostly from the movie). tell me if it IS in the book too!it would be too bad if it wasn't.
there was this absolutely ridiculous song Rodrick's band performed and it went something like "it's the loaded diaper!" with drums and electric guitars and all.it's a really good song though,apart from the lyrics.
i don't know.maybe i just liked it too much back then...
ps talked too much.sorry :)))

DenizEFL | 13 comments Mod
NadiaN99 wrote: "this topic brought back a lot of memories. :)
i don't remember the book that well ( think i read it about two years ago...) but there is one thing i remember (mostly from the movie). tell me if it ..."

I haven't seen the movie.
The book is absolutely hilarious!!

message 7: by NadiaN99 (new) - added it

NadiaN99 | 5 comments it is. i read the first three books but then something happened and i stopped. if you want to continue reading the series here i'm totally up for it ! :)

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