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Justin MacCormack | 14 comments Mod
From the upcomming fantasy saga "Twilight of the Faerie"

Get to know... Niamh

Born as one of three identical sisters, Nimue carries with her the mark of sadness. As a frost fae, she is native to the Winter Court. For the longest time, her court held dominance over the lands of Faerie, ruling with a chill and frostbitten hand. A keen reader, the quiet and unassuming Niamh’s whispering voice hides a powerful skill with the magical arts. Now, though, the forces of Spring have cast off the cold throne of Winter, and Niamh and her sisters are left scarred with the knowledge of their defeat. Hated by many across the lands, Niamh finds herself tasked with a task of vital importance by the ruler of the defeated Winter Court, the Pale Lady herself – a task which is not only of great importance for the court, but for the fate of all of the lands of Faerie itself.

C.B. Archer | 5 comments

Here is the official Niamh fan artwork! ^-^

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Justin MacCormack | 14 comments Mod
Searching for 'like' button for fan artwork... :D

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