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The Stranger
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Summer Reading > "Here,' he had said, 'things have to go with a rush. You've hardly time to get used to the idea that someone's dead, before you're hauled off to the funeral.'"

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message 1: by Olga-Julissa (new)

Olga-Julissa Barahona | 6 comments This really caught my attention. You don't have to know what the book is about to understand what it is that this character is saying. Like Meursault (the narrator), I have never really given this much thought, but I find it quite interesting.

This quote kind of reminds me of something from Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury; "'I sometimes think drivers don't know what grass is, or flowers, because they never see them slowly....My uncle drove slowly (40 mph) on a highway once..and they jailed him for two days. Isn't that funny, and sad, too? . . . Have you seen the 200 ft long billboards..? Did you know that once billboards were only 25 ft long? But cars started rushing by so quickly they had to stretch..out so it would last?'"

After reading both of these quotes, I'm sure that I am not the only one who sees a connection. It seems to me that both characters have come to the realization that everyone is living their lives at a fast pace and no one actually takes the time to make real observations or live in the moment. Not only is there a connection between books, but there is also a connection between these two quotes and our real lives. A lot like these characters, rather than seeing and enjoying life for what it is, we're in a huge rush to just get everything over with.

message 2: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa | 4 comments I agree and relate 100% Olga!
I'll start off with the first quote you displayed. I was very close to my grandfather he had died about three years ago, and it just felt that he had just "died" and we were already headed to the funeral! I had no chance to really comprehend the fact that my grandfather was dead! And it just didn't feel real!
As for the second quote I defiantly feel that applies to today's society! Everybody is always on technology that they lose sight of the beauty beyond the screen! Weather it is people to people conversation/interaction or going for a walk at the park! People rather make a garden on an app than make an actual garden! People rather make their own business on an app, instead of going out and pursuing that dream.

You are totally right Olga these quotes both tie in the fact that we as people are just moving to fast with our day to day lives and that takes a toll on us! If we are how we now, if we continue to worsen this! Imagine the society that our children will live in! (Scary thought) we need to stop living in the fast lane! We need to stop and appreciate the simple things! like the famous quote that we all know says, we need to "stop and smell the roses." Very good discussion to bring up!

message 3: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Quesada Everyone lives at a fast pace whether they see it or not. I like when authors write about that not because it's another topic to speak about this the it's reality and when an author takes the time to realize that they can make other people realize that by writing about it !

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