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Hi all,

I'm an associate editor with the StoneField Editing Group with a background as a freelance editor and writer, and college tutoring in English. I offer paid beta reads at $0.50 USD per page (300 words), and I volunteer a read once a month. In addition I also work as an editor full time, and offer a range of services from proofreading to a full review and developmental edit from start to finish at varying prices. If I'm unavailable to work on your manuscript I can refer it to another StoneField editor who will have the availability.

I can be reached at dylan@stonefieldediting.com or by phone at (510) 545-2972 if you have any questions.

Dylan Ishihara

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As a follow up, rates have been adjusted slightly. Beta reads are still $0.50 per 300 words (now capped at $225), editing prices range from $3-$10 per 300 words based on intensity of edit (basic proofreading, copy, developmental w/ revisions, etc.)

My volunteer slots are currently booked out to December, but I am available for paid projects.

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Hey there folks, rates are being reduced through the month of October! Why? Well, why not!

Through Halloween editing prices have been reduced to $1.50 per 300 words on copy edits, $2.50 for line edits, and just $3 for both! We've got slots open starting later this week, and in the spirit of the season we may even have a little bonus for stories of the supernatural. Send an email to info@stonefieldediting for more details or email me directly at dylan@stonefieldediting.com

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Teresa Kennedy | 61 comments Just wanted to let everybody know I've now got FIVE clients at the TOP of their selling category on amazon.com! Good editing helps, you know? So check out my services and testimonials http://booksneditsVGP.com and drop me a line.
Whatever your needs or budget? I'm ALL about helping you make your book the BEST it can be!

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Teresa Kennedy | 61 comments Just in the case the world doesn't end with the full moon apocalypse? You're probably still gonna need an editor. Just saying. http://booksneditsVGP.com

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Hey Teresa, why not make your own thread instead of trying capitalize off others?

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