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Hi all,

You may have seen my post over in the Beta Readers folder, I'm an associate editor with the StoneField Editing Group with a background as a freelance editor and writer, and college tutoring in English. I offer paid beta reads at $0.50 USD per page (300 words), and I volunteer a read once a month. In addition I also work as an editor full time, and offer a range of services from proofreading to a full review and developmental edit from start to finish at varying prices. If I'm unavailable to work on your manuscript I can refer it to another StoneField editor who will have the availability.

I can be reached at or by phone at (510) 545-2972

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Hey there folks, rates are being reduced through the month of October! Why? Well, why not!

Through Halloween editing prices have been reduced to $1.50 per 300 words on copy edits, $2.50 for line edits, and just $3 for both! We've got slots open starting later this week, and in the spirit of the season we may even have a little bonus for stories of the supernatural. Send an email to info@stonefieldediting for more details or email me directly at

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Marianne Perry | 5 comments Thanks for the info. Writing a draft & not at this stage yet. Good info to have. Thanks again.

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