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message 1: by Nikole (new)

Nikole Bloom (nikole_bloom) | 14 comments I recently finished a romance series. I loved the books up until the ending. A rock star romance featured a prominent love triangle between a writer and two members of the band. In the end, she ended up with both guys, and yes apparently they were up for that. I am still fuming mad at that. I was obviously pulling for one of the boys and that particular ending left me feeling cheated. Have any of you ever felt that way? I am not talking about a cliffhanger ending or anything like that I mean an ending that just ruined either the book or the series for you.

On another note, I feel a tiny bit better now that I have vented. :)

message 2: by Stella (last edited Aug 22, 2015 04:30PM) (new)

Stella Alden (stellamarie) | 117 comments Mod
I think that eveyone's fantasy may be a little different. We really want to keep our posts positive here! I promised ALL authors we would be a loving supportive group. So I will suggest we talk about endings we LOVE!!! Personally? Two guys that adore me? hmmm... That makes me think happy thoughts. Cara's Tweleve has even more!!!

message 3: by Nikole (new)

Nikole Bloom (nikole_bloom) | 14 comments Hi Stella! I didn't mean to be negative. In truth, I actually loved the books I think that's why the ending felt the way it did. You are absolutely right that everyone's fantasy is different and many readers loved that ending. As for me I have been married a long time and I think he is plenty to deal

message 4: by Stella (new)

Stella Alden (stellamarie) | 117 comments Mod
hahah omg! So true! Can you imagine. Honey? Where did you put my...

message 5: by L.K. (new)

L.K. Kelley (lkkelley1) | 3 comments Well, my ending is like no other. I had several people tell me what they wanted to read for the end. I wanted to make everyone happy, but how to do it puzzled me for weeks. Then, I had an epiphany!!! And, I not only pleased everyone, BUT. I went even further! Scroll of Time (White Wolf Prophecy #3) by L.K. Kelley Hall of Records (White Wolf Prophecy #2) by L.K. Kelley Mating (White Wolf Prophecy #1) by L.K. Kelley .

message 6: by Stella (last edited Aug 23, 2015 02:57AM) (new)

Stella Alden (stellamarie) | 117 comments Mod
Nicely said L.K. Sounds intriguing. At what point when you're writing, do you decide what the ending is, or do you just know at the start?

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