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Assignment > Week 5: Book Jacket and Character Analysis

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Nurr Shahidna | 24 comments Mod
Please post your character analysis for your book jacket here.

message 2: by Reuben (new)

Reuben Chiang | 12 comments Emergency Murder Level 5
I just read a book called Emergency Murder. The book was very mysterious and I do recommend it.
I am going to talk about a character from the book who is a researcher at the Marquette University. Her name is Virginia Gaust. I do not like her because she poisoned a woman which the whole book is talking about who killed the woman. And poisoning is a type of murder which is not good. She is also not honest because if she were the book will just probably be a paragraph long.

message 3: by Teresa (new)

Teresa A | 16 comments The Wide Window
I have just read A Series of Misfortunate Events:The Wide Window by Lemony Snicket. I am going to talk about Violet Baudelaire, one of the characters in this book.
Violet Baudelaire is the oldest of the Baudelaire children. She is very smart and likes to tie a ribbon in her hair to keep it out of her eyes whenever she thinks of inventions. As the oldest child, she takes responsibility of her siblings' safety. She loves them very much and tries her best to protect them. She is my favourite character in the series so far.

message 4: by Wienda (new)

Wienda Nurhanie | 17 comments The book i read is called Paper Towns by John Green. The character that i'm gonna talk about is Margo Roth Spiegelman. She is also my favourite character in this book.
She likes mysteries and adventures and is considered the cool girl. Margo also likes to runaway from home and when she runs away, she likes to leave clues for people to find them.

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Ancilla.M | 15 comments I read this book called Dolphin Music. I think it is very interesting. But the book is too short, I don't know much about the characters. So I'm going to talk about the main character, a music critic named Saul Grant.
He lives in a virtual world, he meet, travel and do everything virtually. He loves dolphin music. But one day someone told him that his world is not as happy as it seem to be. The dolphins are also tortured to make them sing. So he leave his career and reputation just to join the group who are against the stupid virtual world controller. He is very selfless and also brave. I can't say he is my favourite character, I will rate him 7.5/10

Michellechartanto | 19 comments The title of my book is better late then never, and the character that i chose is zaphira. She is 16 years old and tall as she is one of the basket players. Zaphira rarely smiles but is kind hearted.
There was one time her bestfriend anika was hit by a sharp piece of metal at the shoulder and zaphira helped her by pressing a wet sock into the wound to help it stop bleeding. Which proves that she cares about her bestfriend

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Ian | 23 comments Windows of the Mind
I read a book with tittle Windows Of The Mind, this book is not interesting because there is one man who call Daniel Appleby he like to lying. One day he got accident and the accident cause he lost his sense of smelling and tasting but at that time he still have contract with Colbert to attend wine tasting show on television. But he dare not admit his handicap to his boss. When the show is started colbert ask him to pronounce the taste of the wine, but he wrong pronounce it and he embarrasing himself. So the conclusion is i don’t like him and we also are not suppose to lying we must to be honest

message 8: by [deleted user] (last edited Aug 26, 2015 06:13AM) (new)

Paper Towns by John Green
I have read 'paper towns' and my favourite character was Margo Roth Spiegelman. She loved mysteries so much that she became one. She was also adventurous since she love to explore new things. She was also brave and courageous as she breaks into SeaWorld and Universal Studios.

message 9: by Sien (new)

Sien | 10 comments Paper Towns by John Green i read this book called Paper Towns and the main character is Quentin Jacobson. He has two parents who are both professional and employed, he is a good student about to graduate high school. He had been secretly in love with Margo Roth Speigelman, his neighbor since they were kids. Quentin is a quirky, nerdy guy, he hangs out with the band geeks and sometimes overthinks things

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ReynaldiS | 17 comments The Enemy 2500 Headwords (Oxford Bookworms Library) by Ralph Mowat I have read the book called The Enemy by Desmond Bagley, the book was quite interesting and i recommended this book even though it has a long story.
I will tell you about the main character called Malcolm Jaggard. Malcolm Jaggard is a servant of the politicians who becomes a spycatcher because of the case, he also wants to Marry Ashton's little daughter (Penny). Malcom Jaggard is intelligent and tough because he never give up to get more knowledge even though he can't get it. he thinks that knowledge is power.

message 11: by Alin (new)

Alin Kinan (caratskk982) | 12 comments I read a book called Dork Diaries - Tales from a NOT-SO Happy Heartbreaker by Rachel Renée Russell.

Nikki Maxwell is a nerd-middle-school girl. She has a crush, he's BRANDON. Nikki also has an enemy, she is MACKENZIE HOLLISTER, a CCP (cute, cool & popular) girl at Nikki's school. MacKenzie also has crush with brandon so they have to fight.

When their school held a prom night, nikki hopeless go to prom night with brandon.

But brandon ask Nikki instead than MacKenzie. Nikki was so happy and MacKenzie was so mad.

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Travis Wijaya | 32 comments The book setting of the book called "American Crime Stories" in chapter 1 it is setted in an apartment in New York City

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Travis Wijaya | 32 comments The book setting of the book called "American Crime Stories" in chapter 1 it is setted in an apartment in New York City

message 14: by Travis (new)

Travis Wijaya | 32 comments The book setting of the book called "American Crime Stories" in chapter 1 it is setted in an apartment in New York City

message 15: by Travis (new)

Travis Wijaya | 32 comments The book setting of the book called "American Crime Stories" in chapter 1 it is setted in an apartment in New York City

message 16: by Travis (new)

Travis Wijaya | 32 comments The book setting of the book called "American Crime Stories" in chapter 1 it is setted in an apartment in New York City

message 17: by Winston (new)

Winston | 16 comments I read a book called 'Death in the dojo' written by Sue Leather. This book is basically about a crime, involving a karateka that died in the dojo mysteriously.

My favourite character is Sanjay because he was willing to help his friend, Kate Jensen to capture the killer when he knows how dangerous it is.

message 18: by Jason29 (new)

Jason29 | 16 comments In the Shadow of the Mountain (Cambridge English Readers Level 5) by Helen Naylor
I read a book called 'In the shadow of the mountain'. The author of this book is Helen Naylor. This book is about the main character Claire Newton's grandfather his body was discovered after 70 years .She was sent to Switzerland to retrieve his body.

The character I am going to talk about is Claire,she is a reporter and she is confused about her job, because her entire job is controlled by her boss, every time she writes an article her boss will change the story entirely. She plans to retrieve her grandfather's body and get a rest from her job in mount Zermatt.

message 19: by R. (new)

R. Eagan | 21 comments I read a book called American Crime Stories. It is divided into 7 short stories. I chose the chapter Death in Christmas Eve. The character I chose was called Charlie. He is currently a paranoid and depressed person in mourning for his wife. Charlie is an elegant person but he has this tendency to blame his suspected sister for murdering his wife. Even if his sister didn't do it, Charlie still wanted her to die, possibly to just fill the role of murderer in his eyes.

message 20: by Wilbert (new)

Wilbert | 26 comments The book was called "cry freedom" it was kinda boring but inspiring at the same time since they were defending the black people themselves. I'll rate it a 2/5

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Fido | 23 comments I read a book called Gangsta Granny. And I'm going to do a character analysis about Ben's granny. She is a two faced person by day shes a loving grandma, by night shes an international jewel thief.

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Silvia Anggraini | 42 comments I dun like any of them

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