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What do you think about James Potter?
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What do you think about James Potter as a person after Snape showed him his worst memory ever in the fifth book?
We all have grown up with the HP series to realize that James Potter was a naive and kind person and Harry is just like him. But Snape's worst memory in which he has been bullied by James really arouses contradicting opinion about James.
I recently stumbled upon this article on the internet where it was justified that James did that only to please the then mentally disturbed Sirius while he was going through a difficult time of his life, when he had ran away from his home and taken shelter at the Potters.
I'd love to hear you guys' opinion on this. :)

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James Potter was a true Gryffindor who sacrificed himself for his wife and child. All characters we respect all knew him to be brave, a good friend, and a great person. We've not only heard this from people who knew him in school but also from mentor figures like McGonagall (who knows a good person from a bad) and Albus Dumbledore. If we ignore them, why don't we ignore all direct and indirect characterization done by Rowling?

We actually know little about James: he's only mentioned in little flashbacks/school memories. It's clear he bullied Snape/was arrogant when young. This is when the contradictions start to emerge, but it's still pretty clear. James is called evil and worse than Voldemort because we saw him bully Snape, and this makes absolutely no sense. How is a rude kid who grew up to be an amazing person and a great father comparable to Voldemort, who killed hundreds or maybe thousands and tried to take over the world, or to Umbridge, who was willing to torture Harry, or Snape, who joined the dark side knowing death eaters were killing people, and knowing that he was fighting against all the characters we know to be good?

Snape made his own choice to join the dark side. Yes, he was bullied. But it doesn't matter that he had a bad childhood while James didn't: would it make the bullying better both were loved? No. James always fought for what was right. Snape's joining Voldy was no other person's fault but his own. It's someone's responsibility to choose his side, and each did. Snape's choice was the wrong one. Then he turned back and bullied kids for the next twenty years, which is immature and not acceptable for any adult. He had reasons but no justification.

So my conclusion is that James was arrogant and mean to people he didn't like when he was in school. But then he grew up a little and became the man all characters we trust loved and respected. However bad a man he could have been would still be a thousand times less bad than the villains in the story. He was a good person.

My answer will probably sound silly but I think she did that to make him "not-perfect" as a character. She seems to have a thing about that, which I discovered to my chagrin about Dumbledore in the seventh book. I wanted him to be perfect, and I got upset finding out he wasn't. Then I got over it after finding out that realism in people means they're not going to be flawless.
Also, the author said there was rivalry between James and Severus bc of Lily. That makes sense too.

Quotting Sirius Black: " Besides, the world isn't split into good people and death eaters. We've all got both light and dark inside us.What matters is what part we choose to act on." I agree on that most than anything... Because one (light) can not coexist without the other (dark)... With that being said I think that both James Potter and Severus Snape were good people ... because in the end, they were never perfect but their actions had an important role in the war between good and evil... And that's why, in the end, both caracters had their absolution of their not so good actions...

To be honest, I don't really know why Lily married him. Lily is such a great person. Why would she even fall in love with someone so mean like him..

Juyee I can't completely agree with you on this. Why would you think James is not a good person? Everyone have their good and bad traits. The bullying was j ...more
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i think James was a little bit of a jerk in earlier years, but there should so be a series about moony, wormtail padfoot and prongs

Juyee I agree. :D I have always had a keen fascination towards the Marauder's tales from their Hogwarts years. ...more
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