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Second Generation X-Men Rp

- Doubles
-I'm going to do Jean Grey's daughter and I don't mind which mutant boy I do
-This can go to PM but I prefer to rp it on a thread.
-at least one big paragraph per character.
-Let me know if you don't want to do it with me anymore don't just leave me hanging.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments I can change my male

Name: Adrianna Grey
Nick Name: Adri, Raven
Age: 18
Personality: She has two personalities like her mother did though she can control them. No one has seen her two personalities besides the Professor. Adrianna is her personality that's sweet, kind, good, intelligent, and brave. Her other personality Red is cold hearted, seductive, and evil. She doesn't have a good soul in her body but isn't as strong as Adrianna. When she changes her personality her eyes change from Hazel to Dark green. She doesn't have any confidence in herself when it comes to her powers she holds back so she doesn't let Red out.
Powers: She's a strong Telekinetic but has some telepathic ability. Telekinetic Flight with her telekinesis she's can control so well she fly. Telekinetic Shield which she can protect herself or others with it. Disintegration when she's in a stronger concentrated state she can disintegrate a person.
Red's Powers are different more evil.
She has Mind Possession, Mind Control, Psionic Blast which can cause pain in a person or kill them, Psionic Shield to protect her mind from being attacked or being read. Disintegration when she's in a stronger concentrated state she can disintegrate a person.
Family: Scott Summer's her father and Jean Grey her mother. Alex Summers Uncle, Katherine Summers cousin.

Name: Terrence Lensherr
Nick Name: Metallic
Age: 20
Personality: He's intelligent and Manipulative he's brave and doesn't hesitate to fight. He's like his father stubborn and cruel when it comes to humans.
Powers: Manipulation of Metal. Magnetokinesis he can use any source of metal as a tracking device. Ferrokinesis he can can manipulate any metals to lift them into the sky and throw them.
Organic Iron Manipulation he can manipulate the metal inside of a human he can kill with this.
Metallic Bonding he can control objects with metal inside of it making anything bend to his will.
Family: Magneto's son, Considers Raven as his mother. Quicksilver brother, Scarlett Witch Sister.

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