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JP Reads (jpfantasyreads) | 785 comments Mod
Hello All,

It's that time again, time to nominate our Books of the Month for September! Please list your choices below =)

To nominate:

*List the book with the title, author, and cover

*Only nominate the FIRST book in a series
--- We will only be reading the first book of any series as a group, members may continue reading a particular series on their own or suggest it as a series read along

*Please keep the nominations to the Urban Fantasy genre

--Nominations will end Wednesday August 26th--

Have fun!

message 2: by Lynn (last edited Aug 21, 2015 02:49PM) (new)

Lynn Worton | 12 comments Darkest Nights Awakening by Lee Ferrier Darkest Nights -Awakening- by Lee Ferrier
Oblivion Storm by R.A. Smith Oblivion Storm (The Grenshall Manor Chronicles #1) by R.A. Smith
Nick Hawthorne & The Banefires of Autumn by Craig Booker Nick Hawthorne and the Banefires of Autumn by Craig Booker

message 3: by Arch (last edited Aug 21, 2015 02:59PM) (new)

Arch Dark Alchemy (Dark Alchemy, #1) by Laura Bickle

50% thru and still learning whats going on. Not your standard UF.

It may be considered a Rural fantasy :) Is that a thing !

Is now because i said it.

message 4: by Vera (new)

Vera Maslow Under Wraps by Hannah Jayne Under Wraps (Underworld Detection Agency, #1) by Hannah Jayne

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Tony | 199 comments God Touched (Demon Accords, #1) by John Conroe God Touched by John Conroe
Trial by Fire (Covencraft, #1) by Margarita Gakis Trial by Fire by Margarita Gakis
Sleight of Hand (Bite Back, #1) by Mark Henwick Sleight of Hand by Mark Henwick
Schooled in Magic (Schooled in Magic, #1) by Christopher Nuttall Schooled in Magic by Christopher Nuttall

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