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I have been asked to supply a story to two collections of Holmes short stories (one to each). One will be set in 1877 in London prior to Holmes's meeting with Watson and the other possibly set in Florence, in any case it has to take place during the Great Hiatus when Holmes was believed dead. (1891-1894) Any idea will be gratefully recieved!!

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Terri (terrilovescrows) | 2 comments Congrats on the submission requests!

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Skye | 3 comments :)

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Dean Turnbloom (dtbloom) | 1 comments Queen Victoria reportedly visited Florence in 1893, perhaps you could involve her in an adventure. Perhaps it could also involve the Banca Romana scandal of that year. If you'd like to put a bit of "House of Silk" edge to the story, Friedrich Alfred Krupp is said to have had an appetite for young boys, whom he would have employed as service staff at hotels he frequented, and he was also known to spend springtime in Italy, pursuing his interests in biology and zoology (and no doubt other interests as well).

Please let me know if I may be of more help.

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Thanks Dean.

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Somayya Jadaa | 5 comments Congratulations

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