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Theysis Character Folder.

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Theysis Malagas | 18 comments Name: Aurhe Rowne

Gender: Male
Age: 265/15 (real age/body age)

Birthday: March 26th, 541
Place of Birth: Northwestern Fiore, 250 years ago

Appearance: A young male standing at 5'9'' with light aquamarine colored hair and turquoise eyes. He adorns many scars on back and one on his front straight from his shoulder to his hip as a result of the torture he had to suffer through. He adorns a brown satchel across his chest to keep money and other valuables safe. He bears no shirt generally unless on a job to a mountain or other extremely cold environment. In those cases, he wears a fur cape with no hood. No matter the weather, he wears the pants seen below and never puts on shoes. Wears a necklace with three teeth from beasts in his original time.
Wears pants similar to this but are teal where it is red and black where it is brown.

Personality: Being from 250 years in the past, Aurhe has become socially awkward in the new society that is completely different from his previous culture. Aurhe's speech is scrambled talking to new people, and he may blabber some words without making any sense. He is an excitable, curious individual who wants to see the world and how much it has changed. Having only seen humans cast only one type of magic all his life, it brings him great wonder to view any new spells, especially large spells like Urano Metria. These will lock him in amazement if he is in the proximity of the view.

Guild Rank: D
Mark Location & Color: aquamarine on left pec
Years in Guild: going to be found (if someone is willing to find him)
Team (name and members): none yet

Type of Magic: caster
Magic: Portals
Portal- Aurhe can open up circular portals that can transport anything through them. (Must have two portals open to function). As long as the portals are open, anyone can use them, whether traveling through personally or casting magic through it. He must have been to, or been near, the place he wants to open the portal for it to open.

-Naïve-Does not know anything about the new world or any other magics
-Communication is lacking
-Scars are weak spots

-A Glaive
Glaive Picture

Pets: None
Family: None, was disowned.

Aurhe was born 250 years prior to the current age in a small village known as Caduto Torre; A town where everyone had the power of portalmaking...except Aurhe. Aurhe was born unlucky, without any trace of magical power and completely useless in his parents' eyes. His mother and father told the doctor that they wanted nothing to do with him, and he was moved to the orphanage to never learn of his actual heritage. Growing up believing his parents were dead and without and form of magic, Aurhe was picked on by everyone around town. Parents would tell their children not to go near him as if he was cursed and those that came near would mock and tease him with demonstrations with their own magics.All were rude except a young girl named Kensi and her brother Ryne. These two would bandage the wounds on Aurhe and treated him like another human being. Life was getting better. Of course, happiness will have to wait a couple hundred years.
March 27th, the day after his birthday, a raiding group of demons came to the town, demanding tribute. The leader of the town, Aurhe's biological dad, decided with the town council to give the demons Aurhe, as he was not benifiting the town as a portaluser and to cover up his tracks of ever giving birth to the disgrace. As teh trade was comencing, Kensi and Ryne jumped in front of their friend to cancel the trade. The demons, not seeing them as a threat, snatched them up as well for tribute. The town attacked the demons in hope of saving the two unintended targets, all except Aurhe's parents who took it as a time to run. The townies, not very used to physical batte, were quickly put to the brink of death; Aurhe's parents were found by a harpy-type creature and brought back to the leader of the demons.
Aurhe was knocked unconcious and when he awoke, he was in a dark, morbid jail cell and bound by chains holding him into a y-formation. Aurhe felt a strange flow going through his body, it was faint, but it was there. To his right and left, he spotted his good friends, but what had become of them scared him. Ryne was bleeding from his face and back, as if someone had beat him viciously in the face then proceeded to take a knife and drag it across his back. Kensi was unconcious but looked badly beaten as well. The jail door screeched open and a large monstrosity like a floating sphere with tenticles and arms and a bird-like woman glided into the cell. According to the creature, when the demons cursed the townies with a spell to eliminate their magic power, a magical presence appeared inside of him, performing the opposite of the intended effect. They were there to figure out why. The Sphere bobbed behind Aurhe, and began to strike him. Aurhe screamed and yelled at the pain; the bird lady pelted him with questions, questioning if he could still feel it; the hidden power inside of himself. She took one of her talons and brought it up to Aurhe's right shoulder. She jabbed it in about an half and inch, then proceeded to pull her finger down to his hip. Aurhe's tormented screams of pain could be heard echoing throughout the fortress. Aurhe waited, waited to just keel over and die already. The pain was too terrible, but to his depression, the tormentors only left him near the brink of death. They left him in the cell, crackling loudly on the way out. Aurhe, through his tears and burning marks, felt that he was absorbing a type of energy from the atmosphere. It felt dark, but was lessening the pain of torture. Aurhe felt as though he was slowly getting charged up. So Aurhe stayed there, suffering for what felt like five days, before Aurhe was able to open a portal. So much pride went through him; he believed he was ready. Aurhe opened two portals on his chains and then closed them, cutting the chains apart. He ran to his friends to find Kensi and Ryne, but to no avail. Barely able to breathe., Aurhe decided to escape by himself. Promising to find them later, Aurhe felt his way along the citadel until he found an area that felt strangely familier but not at the same time. Aurhe attempted to open a portal, thinking only of home, the town of Caduto Torre. Yells echoed down the hallway, the demons noticing his escape. Finally, the portal opened. Stepping through, Aurhe returned home to find it in ruins. All the color drained from his face as he colapsed onto the ground from exhastion.
When he awoke from his slumber, he was surrounded by a group of Archeologists identifing him based on his garb as a former civilian of the town.. After answering some of their questions about his civilization, Aurhe asked why his home was in shambles and how long he had been away. Telling that his people disapeared 250 years prior to his meeting shocked Aurhe. Had he been gone for that long?

Sexuality: Bisexual

Crush: None

Relationship Status: Nope


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Theysis Malagas | 18 comments Name: Lydia Vansa
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Birthday: June 14, 778
Place of Birth: Magnolia, Fiore
Appearance: A young girl standing at the height of 4'10''. Wears a close-fitting, light blue robe with crossed sandals. Her short blue hair reaches down to her shoulder blades and is usually kept down. Adorns a small, light blue bag that holds her tomes and other treasures.
Her in her robes

Lydia is a big bookworm and very much focuses on tactics more than free-styling it. She is a kind, caring young fellow that is extremely loyal to the Guild and its members. Her years of reading have filled her mind with knowledge of many parts of Fiore and its people. She does not believe in killing, and loves to visit historical landmarks.

Guild Rank: Normal
Mark Location & Color: Blue on left hand
Years in Guild: One Year
Team (name and members): No Official team yet, will join Aurhe when he joins.

Type of Magic: Holder
Magic: Tome Magic (Must be holding the tome and reading to use spells)
Tome of Binding: Reading from this volume allows Lydia to produce manacles of sorts.
-1 Baindingu (Binding)-makes weak energy handcuffs

Tome of Explodia: Reading from this volume will produce a blasts of energy.
-1 O bakuhatsu (Explode)- Shoots minor blast of energy

Tome of Defense: Currently empty of pages; may gather more as time progresses.
Pages of these books are found scattered across the world. When found and moved to the book, the page magically attaches to the book and can only be separated by a special ritual.

-Tomes are heavy, must be read to use spell
- Cannot take that heavy of a beating
- Tomes can be stolen, rendering her powerless

Weapons: Will beat enemies with her books if the need to occurs.

Pets: Lydia has a small dog with black fur and white paws that she will usually talk to when home alone. Serves more as a reading companion than an attack dog.

Family: Father is gone, Mother is a keeper of a sacred library out of town.

Lydia's life is not as depressing as many other Fairy Tail members' backstories have been. She grew up in a nice house in Magnolia with her mother and father. Through her parents both being historians, Lydia grew up reading many books full of action and romance, but her favorite books were the ones of ancient wizards and different forms of magic. At the age of 6, Lydia discovered the guild of Fairy Tail after befriending the young child Romeo of the member Macao. She told her family of her dream to join the guild to help the world like those in her books. Her father supported her dream, and at her 8th birthday, gifted her the Tome of Binding, the Tome of Explodia, and the Tome of Life. All the Tomes were empty, except for a single page in the Tome of Binding that allowed her to place a weak manacle on someone. Lydia, in her young state, used this mainly in pranks until the unfortunate event to follow.
Every day after school, Lydia would walk to her mother and father's workplace outside of town to say hi and read the texts. The year after her acquirement of the Tomes, a group of bandits attacked the Sacred Library Lydia's parents guarded. Her parents were used to thieves and the such trying to break in, but these bandits were different, they were organized and had weapons different than those of normal criminals. As Lydia approached the Library, Lydia saw the destruction at hand. As flames and lighting flashed across the battlefield, Lydia was able to spot her father getting assaulted by two brigands. Knowing her mother was inside casting a spell to prevent any damage to the building or knowledge contained itself, Lydia ran to her father's aid. As she approached, she heard the brigands shout at her father something about the location of the Tomes. Picking up a fallen branch, Lydia slammed it onto one of the criminal's head. Distracted with the knockout of his friend, Lydia's dad stabbed the surprised rogue with a hidden dagger. Rushed, Lydia's dad uncrumpled a piece of paper from inside his cloak. Handing it to Lydia, he told her that it was suppose to be for her next birthday, and that she needed to put it in her Tome of Explodia. As she moved the page into the book, the paper lunged out of her hand and sealed itself into the book. The moment it was complete, a sound came from behind Lydia. Her father, seeing the attacker about to stab his daughter, pushed her out of the way, catching the dagger in his stomach. Her father fell to the ground holding his abdomen. With rage overwhelming her mind, Lydia lashed out with her newfound spell at the murderous moron and finished him with her Binding Spell. The threat now gone, Lydia checked on her father; as he told her of his pride for having such a great daughter, he told Lydia that her Tomes are special, and to always keep a lookout for the different pages to all the books. After his passing, Lydia joined Fairy Tail to help protect families from similar events she went through and to be able to search for the missing pages.

Sexuality: Straight

Crush: Aurhe (Once they meet)

Relationship Status: Single

Other: Although her mother is still alive, she spends most of the time at the Library, so Lydia usually alone when at home. Thus, she spends a lot of her time at the guild socializing and taking jobs.

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Theysis Malagas | 18 comments *Update*
Name: Aiden La'ale

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Birthday: January 15

Place of Birth:

Appearance: Standing at about 5'7". Aiden wears a black and white jacket and a sleeveless black shirt underneath. He has hair black as night and bright fuchsia eyes. Slim but toned build with chiseled abs. His skin is a pale white, and he wears a necklace containing his favorite gem, lapis lazuli.
Aiden 1

Aiden 2

Aiden is a calm, patient individual with a voice that can make you feel at ease. He has a great singing voice but lacks any form of dance moves. He enjoys helping others and refuses to kill anyone. Underneath his façade is a mind full of grief and eternal sorrow. Usually seen as attractive by some individuals

Guild Rank: Normal
Mark Location & Color: Right shoulder blade, Fuchsia in color
Years in Guild: 3 years (Formally in Blue Pegasus for 2 years)
Team (name and members): None yet

Type of Magic: Caster and Holder
Magic: Gem Make and Gem Sense
-Gem Manipulation- taking a gem of some sort in hand, Aiden can manipulate it into different objects. Out of a small piece, he can make a long staff or thick shield.
-Gem Sense- In a 20 foot radius, Aiden can sense gems in the ground.

Weaknesses: (at least three)
-Extreme Grief, causes him to have nightmares often (Result of family's greed)
-Every time the Gem is manipulated, it is weakened. Too many uses and the gem will break.
-Fear of heights

Weapons: none

Pets: none

Family: Father and Mother: Deceased, Sister: Missing

History: (at least five sentences)
Aiden and his family were very poor when he was young. They lived in a busted old shack outside of his hometown. Until his magic came in, both parents were working multiple jobs to support the family. One day, Aiden had an odd dream where a valuable ruby appeared in his hand. When he awoke, the dream had come true. His parents were amazed by the gem and asked him if was able to make more. His family hired a mage with the money made off the Ruby to see what was going on with their son. The mage exclaimed that he had made the gem with a special maker magic, of which he would need to be trained in to produce more accurate results. The mage promised to teach him basic control, but the finding and remaking of the gems was entirely up to Aiden.
As his training progressed, he brought home more and more gifts of gem creations he made. From a lilac rose to a topaz doorknob, he brought home many creations he felt great pride in; little did he know, however, his parents had been selling all his gifts for money without his consent. When he first learned of their disloyalty, he was a little saddened but happy that he was helping his family. As he grew as a wizard, so did his parents' greed. With the money they made selling his wears, they afforded a large mansion. With more money, everyone seemed happier, everyone except Aiden. The only time his parents would acknowledge him was to ask for more stock in their stores. The excessive asking put a great toll on Aiden's health; his parents were spending it faster than he could make it. Anytime he would bring up the problem to his parents, they would just disregard his wishes. Aiden's foresight saw what would become of them, empty husks full of greed. He noticed their eyes were glazing over more often than before. Their only view in the world was of the cold, hard riches produced.
His visions led him to the realization that if he stayed there, he would be worked to death by his parents, so he left them in the night. Many days passed before he heard the news that his family had purchased a mining company. He was happy for them, and hoped that they could make it on their own. He went exploring the world, attempting to find a magic-loved place to call home. on his journey, he came across the guild of Blue Pegasus and joined. Loved for his voice and semi-good looks, Aiden fit in fairly well. He stayed there for two years before he learned the news of his parents' deaths. According to the newspaper, the two had struck a large gem deposit and instead of letting the workers make sure it was safe, rushed out to the newly uncovered vein and were crushed under some fallen debris. Filled with angst, Aiden left Blue Pegasus on a journey to recover himself. He promised to keep in contact with his old friends but felt he needed some time alone. After a few months of sorrow, Aiden found the guild of Fairy Tail. He learned that many of the members there were orphans and that all magic users were welcomed. Deciding to keep his sorrow a secret, Aiden joined Fairy Tail.
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Crush: None

Relationship Status: Single


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