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message 1: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Delarose | 16 comments Now available as an Audiobook!
Also paperback and Kindle.

Analyze thousands of years of giant skeletons from seven to 15 feet tall, along with DNA evidence, genetic mutations, newspaper articles, archeological notes, and excerpts from the Smithsonian Institution's own records.

Meet a living tribe of 19th century Stone Age giants. A leading anthropologist compared their bones to Cro-Magnon skeletons. Do they represent the original humans prior to the arrival of extraterrestrial giants, or the biblical Nephilim?

Explore the advanced technology of the extraterrestrial giants: two-way radios, aircraft, self-propelled boats, wormholes, military vehicles, and aerial weapons that blasted Earth.

Historical accounts, first-person encounters, plus legends and mythology tell us who they were, where they came from, how they interacted with humans, and left us with predictions of their return.

There is a systematic attack on the evidence, however, that keeps giants mired in disbelief and ridicule. Documents are being rewritten one word at a time to give us an altered history that completely erases extraterrestrial giants, except in the realm of fairytales and fantasy.

Dissect several alleged hoaxes and questionable discoveries for an in-depth look at how debunkers twist the facts:

How does Area 51 and several missing witnesses fit into one of the biggest hoaxes in giant history?

Were giant mummies used as a diversion for the Roswell UFO crash?

Take an expanded look at the mummified, red-haired Lovelock giant found in Lovelock Cave, Nevada, and see how debunkers twisted the facts.

Revisit the Los Lunas Decalogue Stone, and see how the Navajo translation was summarily dismissed by casting a shadow of doubt on the credentials of the translator - a translator whose credentials are impeccable.

What happened to King Solomon's Cave in Montana? What turned this cave of giants into a giant hoax??

message 2: by J.D. (new)

J.D. Lovil (jd_lovil) | 3 comments Consider the possibilities. The Anunnaki appear in our universe about 30 million years ago, and they tinker with Earth life, and build enclaves and cities on Mars and the other Sol system bodies.
Life on Mars goes south when someone decides to bomb someone else with nukes, so in the last million or so years, they come here to stay. They create variant species of humans, modifying primates to create several different forms, including giants, Neanderthal, and Cro Magnon man. The giants were too volatile, the Neanderthal not that useful, but the Cromags were just right.
The giants went wild, until they were finally killed off by the wild humans. The Neanderthals led a marginal life, until they were outcompeted or interbred with the cromags.
The Anunnaki spents several thousand years as the gods of the humans, founding several kingdoms with the humans as their subjects and sex objects. Now they are gone, and we are what are left of them. What do you think?

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