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The chapter on James (ch 9) was off track and disappointing.

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Karen I was happy to finally see a chapter devoted to James, the character who brought so much pain and chaos to the lives of his father and his siblings. (The mother is a whole other matter).I wanted to know what made this "wild child" so rebellious and difficult, not to mention unloving to his devoted father and siblings. However, the chapter glossed over that and fast-forwarded to how he was changed by his Barn experience. I don't buy it, and I really would love to discuss it.

Mary Ellen Karen, I know I am late coming in to respond! I just finished this book and I agree with you, that his transformation via the Barn was not convincing. He seemed so dysfunctional, so unable to control himself, and his life to that point such a mess (with his family and when away from them), that it made little sense to me that his transition to membership in the Barn had no bumps in it.

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