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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

(I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but feel free to tell me.)

What Inspired You To Write?

What Inspires You?

message 2: by ella (new)

ella  | 362 comments Umm... just reading really good books, I guess. Harry Potter, definitely.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

What Inspired Me: All The Above.

Movies: The Avengers 1, Thor 2: The Dark World.
Characters: Avengers, Asgardians, Jotuns, Dark Elves.
Books: The Monkey's Paw, The Boxcar Children, Nancy Drew, Bill Bergson, Trixie Belden.
Places: GhostTowns, Mountains, Forests, Gravel Roads, Abandoned Buildings.

message 4: by Cindy (new)

Cindy | 23 comments books and instrumental music inspired me really. I still love writing with music on. one of those epic orchestra YouTube things for instance

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I also write with music on. Mainly Suspense. Like Nancy Drew soundtracks.

message 6: by ella (new)

ella  | 362 comments If you want to get inspired: listen to this: http://youtu.be/U44-_0OWSgM

message 7: by Ravanna Dee (new)

Ravanna Dee (ravannadee) I'm inspired by everyday things. I'll be walking in my backyard, when one of my chickens steps on a twig and it snaps, and I'll be inspired to write a story on a monster chasing my character through the woods. Or I will be looking at a pinterest picture and I'll be inspired by that too. I'm always thinking about writing or reading.

message 8: by Ruby, Just plain Epictastic. (new)

Ruby (rubyyy) | 2486 comments Mod
I love to get inspired by like images and pictures...I don't know why but that's where I find most of my inspirations..

(Chickens, Ravanna? High five, me too! XDXD)

message 9: by Ravanna Dee (new)

Ravanna Dee (ravannadee) lol...How many? I had eight this year now I only have three. The stupid fox keep getting to them... :)

Caitlin "Sparkie" (csparkiem) | 3 comments I think for me, its really strong emotion and passion. Whatever that may be for. A quote that I feel reaches into the core of who I am and makes me feel something can inspire me. The same can go for a movie, book, song, etc.

message 11: by Ruby, Just plain Epictastic. (new)

Ruby (rubyyy) | 2486 comments Mod
Ravanna wrote: "lol...How many? I had eight this year now I only have three. The stupid fox keep getting to them... :)"

Same! Well, kinda, well last year we had nine, now we only have 3 but we got more chicks and have 17 currently.

message 12: by Ravanna Dee (new)

Ravanna Dee (ravannadee) Are they laying? Mine are laying.

message 13: by inactive account (new)

inactive account (supernerdgavin) | 80 comments Comics and books..... Mostly comics...
I want to be a comic book writer.

message 14: by Ravanna Dee (new)

Ravanna Dee (ravannadee) Super Nerd Gavin wrote: "Comics and books..... Mostly comics...
I want to be a comic book writer."

Oh my...That is sooo cool! I've always wondered how they do that. Do you draw?

message 15: by inactive account (new)

inactive account (supernerdgavin) | 80 comments No. Not at all.
I'm terrible with a pencil. Absolutely horrid.

message 16: by Ravanna Dee (new)

Ravanna Dee (ravannadee) Hahah...Well then what inspired you to start writing comic books?

message 17: by inactive account (new)

inactive account (supernerdgavin) | 80 comments Comics!

message 18: by Ravanna Dee (new)

Ravanna Dee (ravannadee) Well...wow..I really should have gotten that. *Smacks forehead* Duh...lol

message 19: by inactive account (new)

inactive account (supernerdgavin) | 80 comments It's fine!

message 20: by inactive account (new)

inactive account (supernerdgavin) | 80 comments It's fine!

message 21: by Ruby, Just plain Epictastic. (new)

Ruby (rubyyy) | 2486 comments Mod
Yup...well the three old ones are laying but the new ones should start in a few weeks, if not days

message 22: by Angel (new)

Angel | 19 comments A screwed up life.

message 23: by Sean (new)

Sean | 4 comments Books, movies, songs & life experiences.

message 24: by Austin (new)

Austin (DionysusBlack) | 11 comments Escaping the dredge of a life that refuses to get me down and tuning out the negativity when I am writing because I am in my own personal place of tranquility and for as long as I remember it as always been something that brought me peace.

message 25: by SmilingDork (new)

SmilingDork | 17 comments Reading amazing novels and fine tuning my writing powers and it gives me a second escape to my otherwise boring reality. My only problem is I can start off awesomely and end awesomely but I can't develop the middle of my writings. Also history inspires my writing. I have written some pretty cool short stories from soldiers POV from a war.

message 26: by Idav (new)

Idav Kelly (alixe_tiir) | 2 comments I mainly write non-fiction. The world inspires me.

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message 28: by [deleted user] (new)

Everyone has their own way of getting inspire.

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

I have some stories that are from my dreams. The dreams are based off from my favorite movie characters. I use the dream events and my own characters for my stories.

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message 31: by Lloyd (new)

Lloyd O.D. (lloydohdee) I was inspired by action movies with flashy and stylized violence. I love stuff like that, and wanted to write something with action scenes that were similar to that.

message 32: by M. (new)

M. Purkiss (mpurkiss) | 3 comments I have always wanted to write. I thought that it was a far off dream. I grew up with extreme difficulties reading and writing and spelling and grammar, but this didn't deter me away from that dream. I had many projects I would start and then give up on due to the problems I had at school.

I woke up one day and thought. I'm going to do it. For myself more than anything. I worked and worked at every spare moment. I don't think I have ever been so stressed out in all my life.

Despite my stress and low moods whilst writing I completed it. I can now say that I have my first book 'Entity' published and available on Amazon and kindle. I also am working on a sequel to this and hope that it turns out just as good. I will never call myself a professional writer as I feel a little self-doubtful about my writing but I've had some good reviews from people and it just makes the whole process seem so worthwhile.

message 33: by Sean (new)

Sean | 4 comments Well done, M, sticking to your dreams of writing despite the difficulties that you faced. Your hard work & diligence are inspiring to us all. Keep up the good work!

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message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

Well, this quote fits everyone in this thread. It's so true.

It touches everyone differently photo ittoucheseveryonedifferently.gif

message 36: by Troy (new)

Troy Kechely (rottndog) | 5 comments Growing up on a ranch and also founding a dog rescue group gave me plenty of experiences where I saw animals having positive impacts on peoples lives. I wanted to combine that experience with stories of human struggles and triumph.

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

Well I always loved reading so, naturally I wanted to be like the authors I read, because I admired them. I was in third grade and my teacher made us write short stories in these journals everyday and I just loved it so much that I started doing it at home, too. Everything under the sun inspires my writing now. If I'm not writing, reading, or talking then I'm thinking about writing. Just last night I got inspired by the shadows of trees (!?). Music and books are usually my main sources of inspiration.

message 38: by Amy (new)

Amy | 84 comments I've always had stories in my head. Dozens of them. But I didn't start writing untill my first relationship. he realy inspired me to write them down. But since it ended I kinda lost my drive. My stories once again stay more daydreams :/
I'll see if it will get better

message 39: by Kamiko (new)

Kamiko (kamiko1108) | 1125 comments I just really love reading, and seeing how much it had an impact in me and other readers, I wanted to do the same thing. I want to make people cry, laugh, be in suspense. I want to be that person that affects people's lives like authors do to me.

message 40: by Eris (new)

Eris December (sirion) | 13 comments I think that what inspired me to write was the escape writing provided for me. I think that it was the freedom I could get my hands on when I wrote. I think it was that I could become anyone, I could live anything I wanted, I could create everything I pleased.

As time went, though, I began to write because I had to. I mean, literally had to. Because I was bearing characters inside of my soul and inside of my heart, and they had a story to tell. I was merely their vessel but their voices were so loud that I couldn't not take my pen and write down their story. I was compelled to write.

Inspiration comes everywhere. But I think that if I have an idea, it's just because I suddenly uncovered the truth about a character or a character I haven't met yet.

I do this for them. Because they have a story to tell and out of all people, they chose me to do so. I can't back down, and I can't lie. If I do, the story immediately comes out wrong and I can feel in my gut that it's not right.

Writing is a passion, but getting to know all those characters is probably the best part. They rip out my heart, and they make me laugh and they make me cry, and they make me smile. They change me, they make me grow with them. And I think that's why I'll never be able to stop writing.

message 41: by Ruby, Just plain Epictastic. (new)

Ruby (rubyyy) | 2486 comments Mod
That's amazing and beautiful, Eris :)

message 42: by Sierra (new)

Sierra  Nihil (sierra_nihil) I have an active imagination. As a small child I was always the daydreamer, off in my own fantasyland, and I would always play make believe with my imaginary friends. As I got older I didn't loose my imagination, but couldn't afford to continue daydreaming. Writing became a place to get all my ideas out to sort of help me not daydream during important things, like school. The world around me is what truly inspires me. books I've read, films I've seen, music that I hear on the radio or sing in choir, certain building or landscapes. I see/hear stories in just about everything that I experience from day to day, which is why I hope that I can make a living doing exactly what I love; providing an escape for those who are going through hard times by crafting a story from what's around me.

message 43: by Shannon (new)

Shannon Peel (shannonpeel) | 4 comments What inspired me to write was a man. I met him when I was emceeing a charity event, he was the guest speaker. His story touched me so deeply that I had to write something to get other people to understand. I never did finish that story, but it did inspire me to write my novel THIRTEEN.


message 44: by Madeline (new)

Madeline Reynolds | 9 comments I was inspired to write by Tamra Ireland Stone, author of Time Between us, Time After Time, and Every Last Word. I was not inspired by reading her writing, but she was my neighbor , and I greatly admired her because she became very successful with her writing while taking care of a family with two kids and five pets.

message 45: by Monna (new)

Monna (monna8) I have a very active imagination and it took some time before I figured out how to let it run... so writing just fit perfectly I carry this big Black notebook everywhere and constantly write in it. I'm a huge daydreamer even at 24 I still am I cant help it. Its just who I am. :)

message 46: by k.c.(Kthinker) (new)

k.c.(Kthinker) | 6 comments yeah I'm the same my imagination is my inspiration that is why I tend to speacialize in fiction writing but I"m also influenced by the idea of other dimensionsthe fact that anything we can imagine and can't imagine is real somewherereally makes life worth it

message 47: by Marie (new)

Marie Parkin (kiralocket) | 2 comments I think everything inspires me, but I agree with y'all; imagination is the main source. Actually, I've just had to write an essay about understanding short stories - not as easy as it sounds lol XD - and one of the key things that keeps popping up is reading then writing. Literally, very interview of a publish author I've read says that to write, you need to read.

message 48: by Ruby, Just plain Epictastic. (new)

Ruby (rubyyy) | 2486 comments Mod
So true

message 49: by k.c.(Kthinker) (new)

k.c.(Kthinker) | 6 comments in order to create you must first know

message 50: by Leena (new)

Leena Maria (leenamaria) | 2 comments Hmm... Cannot really pinpoint any one thing... My love for good stories I suppose. I like adventure, and stories that wipe you off your feet and carry you to another reality... I enjoy reading such stories so much I also try to write something in kind.

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