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message 1: by Paulus (new)

Paulus | 8 comments My dear experienced colleagues,

A question that was raised by one specific book, but the answer my apply to more situations.
Aware of the fact that there are multiple authors named Robert Harris, I found that "Pompeii" appears as a book under Robert^Harris, Robert^^Harris and Robert^^^Harris. There are more than 90 editions, most of them correctly referring to Robert^^^Harris.
Is there an easy way to find the (probably just a few) editions that refer to Robert^Harris or to Robert^^Harris? Instead of checking each of the 90 editions manually?

Thanks! Paulus

message 2: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 19987 comments What I usually do in a case like this, is go to the "all editions" page of the book. When you click on "expand details" the author will be visible for each book.
By hovering over the author, the link to the author is showing on the bottom of the screen. Best to remember the author-id number. For the correct Robert Harris, his ID is 575
When you come across an edition that has another Robert Harris, there is an edit link to open (in a new tab preferably).

I don't know if there is another solution; at least this works better than having to open a page for each edition.

message 3: by Paulus (new)

Paulus | 8 comments Thanks Arenda, that's a great suggestion! And it worked perfectly.
Pompeii (92 editions) solved, as well as The Ghost (76 editions). Question answered.
Although adding the author ID to the "expanded details" view would make things even easier, but that's probably a Goodreads Feedback topic ;-)

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