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Jess Emrys was high up in the trees a couple yards away from where Alistair was currently standing. He had his crossbow set and ready to take him out and yet something was stopping him. It wasn't because he felt sorry for him or anything, his father had told him long ago that was not the way of the bounty hunter. If anything it was because he was upset that the hint was over. Usually he took no pleasure in the hunt but this wasn't a normal hunt. He was going after a fellow bounty hunter one who he had met several times and each and every time one of them had left seething in anger. Emrys felt that it was almost dishonorable to go after him this way not giving the other hunter any chance. Then he had a thought what if he pretended to be friends and then strike when least expected maybe that would shake the feelings of remorse? Honor? Whatever he was feeling at the moment. He quickly climbed down the tree and hopped down to the ground from the last branch but as soon as his left boot hit the ground he heard a loud snap he looked down and groaned inwardly. He had jumped onto a fallen branch. God he was such a klutz! He had intended to go into town and seek the perfect moment to approach him but it seemed that decision was quickly taken away from by his own stupidity. He drew out a dagger prepared to fight in case Alistair thought of him as a threat.

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Jess Emrys shot Alistair what he hoped looked to be an amused look. Though in reality he was cursing at himself. "Alistair I didn't know you cared." He said mockingly "While we're discussing the topic may I point out the fact that I managed to follow you all the way up here without you noticing, so I believe I have this stealth thing in the bag." He said smirking this is part of what he lived finding people's breaking points and though he's met Alistair several times their meetings were always far to brief for him to really discern Alistairs breaking point but, this was his chance to finally do it. He twirled his dagger in his hand. A lot of people wondered why he used regular weapons when he could easily use his magic but regular weapons didn't leave as big of a trail to be well trailed. Now if he used magic if anyone wanted to perhaps get revenge his magic would be a big clue and something his father taught him was that you can't afford to be traced. No matter what.

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Emrys had to fight to keep himself from laughing. Him belonging to someone? That was probably one of the most ridiculous things he had heard. He was hired by many different people, not owned by just one. "Me owned by someone?" He said raising a single eyebrow, "I'm not owned by anyone." He said cooly focusing his attention on his knife so he wouldn't kill the man in front of him.

"Who says you're my target? Or that I want you dead?" Emrys asked "If I wanted you dead you'd be laying on the ground with a single arrow through your throat." He said in a monotone sort of voice.

Emrys took an assessment of his own weapons that he had on him. Alistair was unpredictable and could attack at any time. He currently had two daggers strapped to his waist, the very obvious dagger twirling around his fingertips, the crossbow that was strapped to his back which would more or less be useless right now, and his magic which if he used it would be very efficient.

Emrys had to wonder why he hadn't killed Alustair already he had the perfect chance up there in the trees. Was it because Emrys was attracted to the man in front of him? He didn't normally become attracted to his targets but Enrys had known this man long before he had become a target so it was entirely possible that he was....

No absolutely not! Alistair was his target now and he always killed his targets. No matter what....

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Did Alistair seriously just ask him that? There were many things that Enrys was expecting him to say but, it was most certainly not that. "Not exactly." He said in reply not giving any further explanation not that any was needed. That was personal and Alistair technically has no right asking him that even if it seemed like a harmless question.

Emrys didn't know how to respond, he couldn't very well tell him that he was lying. That would probably mean a very painful and drawn out death. "Why should I?" He said just as childishly if not more so. Hoping that Alistair wouldn't pry as Emrys had no answer not yet anyways.

He could feel the tension coming off in waves each expected the other one to attack first. Though right now because of his idiotic brain and emotions he couldn't kill Alistair. Not yet anyways, he had to wait to make sure he wasn't making a mistake. He probably was but he needed time to think about it rationally before making a final decision.

Emrys would give anything to know what Alistair was thinking right now. Except for his magic that he could never give up in a million years. Alistair was known to be very predictable and unpredictable luring his victims into a false sense of security. Was Emrys a victim though? Was he a target? He didn't have an answer to that yet which made the situation a tad more frightening.

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Emrys shrugged "It's better to hunt with no strings attached." He said leaving it at that.

Emrys let his mind wander something which he normally did not do but, he was tired. Mostly because Alistair was a hard target to keep track of. The only reason he was able to keep up with him was the adrenaline from the hunt. Now that he wasn't exactly 'hunting' Alistair anymore the adrenaline had slowly seeped out of his body, leaving him tired and slightly unalert.

"You're not my target." He said briefly pausing "And I may be a murderer," he said pausing again trying to gather his thoughts "But I don't murder whoever I want to. Even if it would be very convenient for me to do so." He said looking up slightly to look into Alistair's eyes then quickly aiming them back towards the ground, not knowing what he saw there.

"Are you going to kill me?" He asked as stopped the movement of the knife and instead firmly grasped it between his fingers making his knuckles turn white in response. "It would certainly make your life a lot easier." He said acting like he didn't care whether the man in front of him killed him or not. He did care though and the thought that maybe he should've just killed him quickly came and left through his mind. Though he didn't let it show that he was more than slightly afraid of Alistair after all he had very good reason to be.

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Emrys didn't know why he had accepted the job to hunt Alistair. Right now the only person that would be dying was Emrys himself. He wouldn't be able to defend himself against Alistair, especially since most of his body seemed to be falling asleep. He shifted his weight from one leg to the next trying to work some feeling back into his muscles.

It seemed that Alistair didn't believe him. Oh well he didn't have to answer to him. Emrys had his own way of doing things and if Alistair didn't understand that than it was no loss to him.

Emrys snorted softly "I've already told you haven't i? Or have you gone deaf." Emrys said "Or maybe you've turned into a complete imbecile who can't understand the simplest of sentences." He continued it almost seemed like he was complaining which he was in a way. It wasn't any fun to be rivals with an imbecile or someone who's gone deaf, even partially so. "I've already said I wasn't going to kill you." He said with a roll of his eyes.

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Jess ((I wasn't sure what write so sorry if this sucks >.< ))

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