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lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) | 95 comments
(( (view spoiler) The dress would look basically like this, only with the bottom ripped and stuff, and it's probably pretty filthy too right now ))

Marina knew she shouldn't have gone too far. She knew she'd be much much safer if she stayed closer to the ocean, but at the time, the real dangers of leaving the shore hadn't really fully occured to Marina. After all, she had almost never really ventured very far away from a large body of water, and although she was certainly scared of most places, she hadn't realized exactly how cautious she should have been. While as it turned out, there were a lot of very hostile animals past the trees, and none that she could simply fly above like in the ocean.

Marina whimpered as she remembered the huge bird attacking her with talons practically half as big as her. Somehow the marjority of her body had made it with only large bruises and a couple minor scratches, but her left wing had a huge gash on it. The wound had left Marina unable to fly properly, but thanks to her size, she had managed to slip away. And of course, her first thought had been to make it to the ocean. But how was she to do that? She hadn't even gone that far in, but it would still take a while to make it back. But on second thought, she didn't want to spend any more time han necassary in this terrifying place...

Making up her mind, Marina carefully peaked out of her hiding spot beneath a few fallen leaves. Nothing was there anymore. She crawled the rest of the way out, her injuries screaming at her to stop. But Marina pushed herself forward anyway, her fear pushing her on more effectiively than her pain could hold her back. Tears quickly found their way down Marina's face though, as she thought about how hopeless her situation looked. hat if another animal attacked her? But Marina at least had enugh common sense to keep walking as she worried, and by the time she had finished crying, she found she was farther than she had anticipated.

Eventually, Marina finally found herself on the shore again, and after walking just a little bit more towards the ocean, she collapsed on the ground. Fear and desire for the comfort of the beach had kept her going before, but now she found herself entirely exhausted. Not to mention she had also lost a lot of blood throughout the course of her hike. But now that she was near the ocean again, Marina could only hope that the extra power that was lent to her body when near the ocean would help her heal fast enough to keep her alive. Or the ocean would send help. It had in the past, but as Marina teetered on the edge of counsciousness, all she really could do was hope.

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki)
A streak of dark blue and green shot through the water, the form it took nearly impossible to decipher until it slowed to a stop near an island. It was a merman. He had a long, dark blue tail with streaks of green along the caudal fin, and sharp dorsal fins reached beyond his tail up onto his lower back along his spine, most were also a dark blue but some of them were green like his caudal fin. His hair billowed a little around his head as he stopped to look around the water near the island, trying to decide if it was a good place to relax or not. There were some dolphins in the area, which was generally a good sign for him. He'd had to leave the last place he was at in more of a hurry then usual due to several human fishermen(and potential fisherwomen he didn't get a chance to see) spotting him and trying to catch him for some reason.

The area he was at seemed like it wasn't being messed with by humans, and from what he could hear from the dolphins chatter, this island was no stranger to merpeople. It must be safe. His tail flicked as it shifted slowly to human legs and he paddled towards the shore until he could walk out of the water, looking around curiously at the island. He was about to go explore when he noticed something small on the ground nearby. Carefully walking over (he certainly didn't want to step on it!) he crouched down to look and was surprised to see it was a pixie. Its wing looked injured, and it had some bruises on its body. No doubt some hungry bird tried to make the little creature its next meal. Without a thought, he moved to scoop the little pixie up, able to see upon closer examination that it was female, and moved to go sit in the water and see what he could do to help patch her up. He wished that he could use his ability that salt water gave him to help her heal, but unfortunately it was tied to him personally. Still, the salt water itself would be good for cleaning the wounds on her wings and body, so he dipped a hand into the water after rolling her so she would be on her belly in his hand, and very very gently poured some salt water onto her wings that were now splayed out on either side of her body. He kept his fingers opened ever so slightly so the water would trickle out of his hand as it fell rather than pool and potentially drown her.

lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) | 95 comments
Barely conscious, Marina realized she'd have to be much closer, probably actually in the water for it to work best. The water didn't exactly directtly heal wounds for Marina, but she had figured out long ago that it lent her body a huge energy boost, and considerably sped up healing too. Unfourtunately though, in order to get the energy required to make it closer to the ocean, Marina would actually have to be already in the ocean. And that wasn't happening anytime soon, at least not on her own. Well, unbeknownst to Marina, she wasn't alone on the beach. It took her a little bit to realize this though, and by then the sound of something large walking across the sand was already too close for comfort.

Her eyes fluttered open, but much to her dismay, she was greeted by giant hands coming straight at her. Horror overtook Marina, and she tried in vain to sit up. To be honest, Marina had only seen giant people from a very safe distance, and a lot of those people had been hunting animals or trapping them or something. Definitely not the kind of people she wanted to be around when she was so weak. Squeazing her eyes shut, Marina prepared for the worst. But for some odd reason, the other person didn't harm her. Instead, she felt herself being picked up in a surprisingly gentle manner.

But she was still being picked up. Panicking even more, her breathing became more and more rapid as her imagination ran wild with all the things it'd probably do to her. Her eyes were still closed, but as Marina felt herself going higher and higher as the person stood up, she couldn't help but open one eye nervously. Looking around, she was definitely much higher than she'd like to be in her state, but he was hardly about to voice her complaint. Glancing up at the person who was holding her, Marina found that they were examining her! Quickly shutting her eye again, a small, barely audible whimper came from the tiny pixie. The second she had had to look at the person, all she could really figure out was that they looked male, and very wet.

But soon the little ride was over, and they were no longer moving. Marina didn't put up much of a fight as she was flipped onto her stomach, although she did curl up a little bit more. She considered opening her eyes again, but then all of the sudden water was trickling down onto her. Now that felt nice. And on top of that, her wound was working more than twice as fast to heal itself, plus Marina could feel energy slowly but surely returning to her body.

This time, when Marina tried to sit up, she actually made it albeit a little shakily. Her whole body was trembling despite the person having been rather gentle thus far, and the second Marina saw the man again her natural instinct was to crawl backwards, although it only resulted in her bumping against the man's fingers. "P-p-p-please, d-d-don't h-hurt m-m-me..." She said, tears starting to fall from her eyes. Her voice was hardly even audible, but Marina wasn't exactly putting a lot of thought into her actions right then.

lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) | 95 comments (( Wait a second... Don't ask why I was thinking about this, but is Tritone naked right now? XD ))

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) ((Uh.....hmm.....maybe? XD I didn't think about that. He likely wouldn't even really know what clothes are? I mean he grew up with just other merpeople and they likely were always in their merperson form so he wouldn't think anything of it?))

lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) | 95 comments (( Pfffffffft well that works XD Ehehe, a little later than Marina can totally see him naked and be like "... WUT" XD Cuz like, from watching other people she's figured out that people are supposed to wear clothes, but even though she's not really positive why, she'd just be all flustered and stuff because she'd think he's breaking some unspoken law or something XD ))

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) ((XD I feel like at the most he might have like, a seaweed pair of briefs or something lol omg imagine her surprise when he's like 'wut? Oh, hang on' and like grows his tail and is like 'ah, much better' XD))

lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) | 95 comments (( Omg she's just assumed this whole time that he's a human, so if she saw that she'd just be like 'You aren't a human. O.O' XD ))

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) ((XD haha omg its gonna be hilarious))

lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) | 95 comments (( No rush, but I just wanna make sure you haven't forgotten about here ^-^ ))

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) ((sorry it got a little buried, but I didn't forget I have a folder on my bookmarks to mark everything I owe replies to))

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki)
Tritone was more than a little concerned about the petite pixie he had found on the ground. She was barely moving and the wound on her wing gave him immediate cause for concern. She would not be able to fly anywhere until it healed. He had just finished pouring the water onto her to try and clean said wound when, to his surprise, some of her minor wounds started to heal. He realized she must be some type of water pixie and wondered if the water would heal her wing. He wasn't sure, but at least the minor wounds would heal and she was able to sit up now. His relief quickly faded to utter confusion when she moved backwards, and quickly raised his fingers so she wouldn't fall. He doubted she was strong enough to swim, and did not want to find out since if she fell, she would land in the water nearby his legs...which he was tempted to turn back into his tail. Being fully human meant he got cold, while as a merman with his tail it didn't really bother him much. Apparently, from what he had seen from or rather on humans, some items called 'clothing' would keep him warm, but it seemed like a lot of work to put them on, then take them off later when he wanted his tail. It was much simpler to just be naked, as he was now.

Shrugging off the idea of his nudity until later, he tilted his head, wondering why she thought he was going to hurt her. He moved the hand not holding her to refill it with water, then dumped it over her again. "I do not understand why you think I will hurt you, I have done nothing but try to help you since I found you laying unconscious on the sand." He looked hurt that she thought he was the type to harm others. "I have never injured another living that was not out of self-defense." he added, pouting in a cute way. "So hold still and let me help you."

lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) | 95 comments
Squeazing her eyes shut, Marina continued to tremble against the man's hand, fearing the worst would happen to her. But for whatever reason, she remained unharmed, and he even poured more water over her wounds, which was admittedly much nicer than what she was expecting to happen. The man's voice came out as quite loud, although thankfully he wasn't loud to a painful or even uncomfortable extent. Still though, it would have been impossible to miss the hurt tone in his voice. To be honest, it was true. He hadn't done anything to harm her thus far, and as she had no intention of moving either way she tried to come up with an explanation for it.

She had definitely seen huge... What were they called again? Hoomens? Anyway she had definitely seen big people hunting animals and cutting down trees and plants before, so it gave Marina the impression they had an incredibly destructive nature. She had seen other large people on occasions, like the ones in the water with fish tails, and they seemed fine as far as big people went, but as far as Marina could see there were none in sight. And besides, the fish people were liked by the ocean, so they couldn't possibly be too bad.

But, wait a second... Now that she had taken the time to notice, the man also smelled like the sea. Not like a few other Hoomens she had caught a whiff of, who smelled like someone had taken all the delicate, subtle fragrance of a flower and then taken away the delicate and subtle part, leaving it entirely overpowering. But what did that even mean? Should she trust him? And if she did or didn't, what would happen then? Eyes still closed, Marina took a shaky breath. "W-who... a-a-are you?" She said, slowly opening her eyes and beginning to tremble less and less. Looking at him, one of the things that struck her the most was his lack of any kind of clothes. But didn't hoomens wear clothes...? And wasn't everybody supposed to wear clothes anyway? Did you not wear clothes for certain situations? To be honest, Marina only wore clothes because she had always thought it was some unspoken rule that everyone was supposed to, and now she was ever so slightly tempted to point that out to him.

But another thing Marina noticed now that she had calmed down a bit was that her wounds were healing quite nicely, most of the minor ones already heaaled, with the big one on her wing already hurting less. She didn't dare glance back at her wing to check on the actual state though, because that would mean looking away from the hoomen. But Marina was also exhausted, and even thoough her energy was slowing returning, she uncounsciously was leaning against the new warmth of the man's fingers, forgetting what they were for the time being.

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki)
Tritone was a little worried at the way the pixie continued to tremble against his hand. He wasn't sure if it meant going into shock from the attack, or if she was just in a lot of pain. He didn't want to think that it was because she was afraid of him. After all, he was helping her right now, and he was a merman, almost as close to the ocean as she was he guess.

He had just dipped his hand to scoop more water to dump on her when she asked who he was. He blinked and looked at her, then smiled and said, "My name is Tritone Cavalier. I'm a merman." he added as an afterthought, wondering if that would help her relax. To show her he wasn't lying, he turned his hand so she could see his legs and turned them back into a tail. He was actually a little smaller in his merman form than his human form. He could feel her lean on his fingers and moved to dump water on her again. "I think your wing looks much better than when I found you minutes ago. But I do not think it is enough to fly without risk of further injuring it. Do you have somewhere safe to be where you can heal that I can take you to?" he inquired.

lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) | 95 comments
Marina nodded, trying out the name in her head a couple times before trying it aloud. "T-Tritone..." She said, practically inaudible. "It sounds nice." She stated bluntly, growing more and more used to the man-- or rather merman as he had stated-- by the minute. But wait, wait was a merman again? She had definitely heard that word before. Uncounsciously pressing a finger to her lips, a habit of hers when she was thinking hard about something, she could feel the answer just barely eluding her. They're, ummm... OH! They're those fish pe-- Marina's train of thought instantly disappeared when Tritone turned his legs into a tail, proving both Marina's initial assumption of his species wrong and her memory apparently reliable.

One of her first thoughts though was how pretty it was, especially with the sunlight making it the scales shimmer. Water was once again dumped over Marina, and yet again, it gave her instant albeit short relief, although the pain was definitely getting less and less the more water Tritone dumped on her. Carefully and slowly, making certain not to lose her balance, Marina crawled over to the edge of Tritone's hand to get a better look at his tail. So then he was one of those fish people, and because of that, instantly more trustworthy in Marina's mind.

But now Marina kind of missed the warmth of Tritone's fingers to lean against. Even though the palm of his hand was pretty warm, even if it was wet from the water he had poured over her, it had been much more comfortable when she had been able to lean her back against his fingers. Looking back up at Tritone's face, Marina forced herself to be coontent with crawling back into the center of his palm where she was less likely to fall off. "U-um, no." She squeaked, feeling a little odd having to look way up to talk to him. "I... I normally just sleep in a flower or tree or something." She admitted, her voice quiet and even a little bit sleepy. Not that she'd actually be able to fall asleep anytime soon though. She never managed to fall asleep easily when she had lots of serious stuff to think about.

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Tritone's tail flicked a little in the water as he continued to dump water on her a bit absently, thinking about what he could do to help her more. She couldn't fly until her wing was better and she had some rest, but she just said she didn't have anywhere safe to stay. He didn't exactly have a home on an island or something where she could stay while she recovered, he generally slept in the ocean wherever he was at whenever he got tired. "Can you breathe in the ocean?" he asked suddenly. "Like, will you drown?"

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By now Marina was growing more curious by the second, even enough for her to push her injury to the side of her mind. She had never actually met a big person before, merman or otherwise, so she couldn't help but wonder more about them now that she knew her previous assumptions weren't all true. That is to say, they were still huge, and a little intimidating, and certainly more than a little scary to talk to, but this one wasn't hurting her. Loud and big as he was, he seemed pleasant enough. Standing up a little unsteadily, Marina walked towards his arm, focusing mostly on not falling.

But not stopping at his wrist, Marina continued walking slowly down his arm until she reached the inside of his elbow, stopping there and leaning against his arm for support. Looking up at him, Marina momentarily stared at his shoulder, automatically knowing it would make a nice perch. She would've flown up to sit on his shoulder, or maybe even his head, but alas she wouldn't have even met Tritone if she could fly. But still, she rather liked the idea of being not only higher up, not to mention she'd be much closer to the man's ear and thus making it easier to communicate with him.

But she put it off for a little bit, at least until she could answer his question. "W-Well, um..." Marina shook her head, reminding herself to speak louder. "I-I can't breath underwater, but I can make a sort of air bubble so I can breathe for a while!" She shouted up at Tritone, trying to both look up at him and maintain her balance. "U-um," She began quietly, practically inaudible to Tritone before she reminded herself to shout again so she could be heard clearly. "M-may I p-please stay, o-on your shoulder?" She asked him, now looking down. She didn't wanna be a burden or anything, or at least not any more than she was already being, but then she also would rather not have to shout everything.

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Tritone was a little concerned when she started moving on his arm, worried she would fall off. He remained stock still while she climbed up into the crook of his elbow and carefully moved just enough so she could rest easily there. He wasn't entirely sure where she was intending to go, but did not want her to hurt herself more in the process so he was very careful. At her question, he moved his other hand over to the crook of his elbow and said softly, "Of course, climb onto my hand and I will lift you up."

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