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Levi contained a disgruntled sigh as he slammed the book closed once more. While it was uncommon for many to read in the land of Matsenga, he was one of the few who could. That wasn't to say it was an easy task. Most of the time he'd have to pause to sound out words, and it frustrated him. He wasn't known for his patience, nor for his commitment to carrying out tasks. The only thing that kept him inside was the snow that fell on the ground outside. Otherwise he'd be out there exploring. Truth be told there didn't seem to be much more to explore. Most of the new places he'd been held a twinge of familiarness as of late, and he couldn't manage to find any excitement in what he did.

Briefly his eyes flickered around the old library, annoyed to think the scholars were silently judging him. This was probably his fiftieth attempt at reading a book this morning and they just had to be whispering amongst themselves at this point. Levi pushed himself back to his feet once more, placing the book one a random shelf before he began to pace up and down between the aisles.

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Levi had quite sensitive ears so it was easy enough for him to tell when someone entered the library. There seemed to be a sudden shift in the air as scholars looked up towards whoever entered. Immediately he was able to follow their gazes before his eyes landed on the stranger. It was a bit baffling though to meet xyrs eyes instantly, and awkward to say the least. While he could be known as an attention seeker he couldn't help but to wonder what stares usually meant. Was he being scrutinized and judged? Or was it simply a look of appraisel and wonderment? Instead of asking himself these questions Levi simply decided to approach the situation head on. He simply wasn't known for his silence, and perhaps this newcomer would offer him more then the muffled words of the scholars.

Levi raked his fingers through his tussled hair before adjusting his jacket and approaching xem. "What brings you inside on such a warm day?" He asked, bringing a smile to his lips- one he'd perfected over years and years of practice. He was told a smile was often a sign of friendliness and didn't come off as hostile. Lord how he hated hostile people. They certainly weren't his favorite, and they certainly weren't the type to sit around and listen the the never ending ramblings of Levi. "Here for an historical enriching novel? Or let me guess." He stood back on his heels, propping his chin up with his finger tips as he examined him. "An Adventure?" He walked over towards the window. "I assure you there's far more adventure out there." He said, splaying his hands towards the mountains, rivers and valleys. All too suddenly he realized he forgot to so much as pause in order to let the stranger reply. Maybe if he turned around now he'd even realize that xe'd left.

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The scrutiny coming from the strangers gaze almost set him on edge. Almost. Instead he ignored it, it was best to after all. Levi didn't have much of a temper and in cases as such he could be calm, cool, and collected. Okay, maybe not so much collected.. or cool. He turned back around to face xem, telling by xyrs accent that maybe xe wasn't from around here. This was exciting! Most of the people he met on an everyday basis were locals- very bland, and certainly not exciting. Oh maybe xe'd even have stories. Levi had to scold himself softly. Xe wouldn't want to sit around and feul Levi's childish ways with story time. Though hearing verbal stories would certainly be better then what he was planning to do with his day. And of course he had no plans, but that didn't mean he couldn't slam around a couple more books in the next few hours.

"Repeat..." He trailed off, his nose scrunching slightly, he wasn't a fan of repeating himself. Words got old when they were told more then twice. Rather then doing so he went on with another round of randomness. "Anyways what's your name?" Instead he went with the obvious and informal questions, ones that were meant to be asked when in the presence of a stranger. Once more, though, he didn't stop long enough for xem to so much as breath out an answer. "I'm Levi. From around here.. born and raised." Or so I think..., he thought to himself. Very few facts about his life were solid truths, and the most he could recall at times was his name. "Inside for the day 'cause it's rather chilly outside. Though if you'd like I could show you the town? It's not as dull as it looks. If you're hungry I can even take you to go get some warm delicious pastries, Ms.Merrfin sells the best." He said with a confirming nod of his head as he made more and more offers to show xem places that xe wasn't likely to have seen or noticed if xe wasn't a local.

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The strangers clipped tone almost made him believe that perhaps xe didn't want to talk. Levi could live with that. But after a moment of silence he had to remind himself it was xyrs accent. That or xe indeed was annoyed and simply was holding back. Either way he was used to both and would just keep on with his simple chatter until he was stopped. Which would likely be in a matter of minutes or hours depending on this Jae-woo's tolerance. Surprisingly enough he received an answer he wasn't too sure he should've expected, but was happy about nonetheless. He liked showing others the small little places that were often missed. People never seemed to stick around long enough for him to do so, though. "It's pronounced Leave-I." He told xem, trying not to let off that having his name mis-pronounced was a bit of a nerve hitter. "But I guess you'll learn as we explore. Together." He said with a warm flash of a smile before patting xyrs back and leading xem towards the door. If he wasn't mistaken he could almost hear a collective sigh of relief that left the scholars as the doors swung behind them and then closed with a loud echoing clap.

Levi raised an eyebrow at the sudden question. It wasn't often that a person was able to pin-point a Phoenix. His breed was almost uncommon and a rarity... that must've made Jae-woo something unique as well. "Yes. I'm a Phoenix." He confirmed, biting his lower lip. "Rising from the ashes and all." Levi crossed his arms over his chest, trying to keep in what little warmth he could in his coat. While his body heated up at a quick rate that didn't mean the winter air didn't get to him. "And you don't seem like a normal human being either." He quipped. Obviously he wasn't sure what the person could possibly be, but usually only supernatural could detect others of their kind.

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Levi laughed in a neutral manner as he stumbled over his words before he shook his head. "It's all right. I'll speak slower. I should have done so to start with. I could tell you weren't exactly from around here... nevertheless I am forgetful about these things." He told xem with a simple shrug of his shoulders. He had to appreciate Jae-woo's forwardness with words though. Often people wouldn't bother to explain what was wrong and would instead make simple commentary to Levi's never ending conversation. Moments passed where they were outside before he gently tugged on xyrs sleeve and led him in the direction of a warm looking shop.

At the mention of his species Levi squinted softly. Jae-woo sounded proud to be whatever this four-clawed dragon was. That along with the fact he'd never really heard of such a species probably meant he was rather rare. "The power and responsibilty?" He asked curiously, his brows knitting together as he also tried not to sound as if he was uneducated by asking such a question.

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