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Tara Spears | 55 comments Guy’s arm slid from Baxter's waist as he stumbled back. He slammed into the stack behind him, sending books cascading to the floor.

“Guy?” He wasn’t looking so good. He wasn’t looking very solid either.

His hazel eyes, full of terror, met Baxter's. His mouth gaped open and closed, while his throat worked, yet sound failed to emerge.

“Ah! There ye be...”

Baxter turned, Guy turned. Damn, couldn’t anyone catch a break in this storyline? If that was what this truly was. A story.

Black Burt spit on the floor as he raised his cutlass. The edge was crimson. Fresh blood. Baxter glanced back at Guy, the worry over Rodrigo evident on his face. Yet seeing Guy horrified Baxter even more. He was... melting. Globs of what appeared to be thick water rolled off him, softly plopping on the wood planks.

Black Burt’s heavy footsteps began thudding behind Baxter, and he did the only thing he could think of. He threw The Curse of Black Burt at him, then grabbed Guy’s gooey hand— it felt like soft candle wax— and dragged him towards the book spiral.

Once they exited the Cryptology section, Baxter felt the skin of Guy’s hand solidify, and was yanked to stop.

Guy patted his torso. “That was very strange magic indeed.” Satisfied he was solid again, he looked up and gave Baxter one of his libido charging smiles. “I owe you a debt of gratitude, my friend.”

Guy swiftly seized Baxter’s waist. “I will have to find a way to repay my debt, mi hombre guapo,” he whispered seductively against Baxter’s ear.

Squashed against Guy’s chest, his stubble raking his cheek, while Guy’s manly scent teased him, Baxter could think of several. Why did he always have a God damn book in his hands?

A deep boom resonated, shaking the floor beneath their feet. Baxter found himself once again thrown aggressively to the floor, only this time there was an incredibly sexy pirate riding on top of him. The edge of the book dug into his chest, but he wasn’t really paying attention to that as they slid rapidly across the floor. What the hell kind of wax do they use anyway? There was something much more intriguing, and undeniably hard pressed against him.

Baxter managed a glance over Guy’s shoulder, and what he saw seemed impossible. The stacks were falling as easily as dominos. How could that be? They were steel, bolted to the floor. But then he saw one of the stacks splinter, and wood shards clogged the air. Why not? Everything else seemed able to morph as required.

Guy tensed, cocooning Baxter protectively beneath him as he braced for obvious impact. Why couldn’t he meet a man like this in the real world? But no, he had to be chucked into a fantasy to find a man interested in him. And in this case he had two.

The impact Baxter expected never came. Instead Guy was ripped off him, and Baxter’s arm was about torn from its socket. The books flew through the must ridden air, landing silently somewhere to his left.

“Ow, you idiot you almost dislocated my shoulder.” It wasn’t the smartest thing he had ever said considering the broadsword tip inches from his throat.

“Guapo, you must save the text.”

That was easy for him to— he glanced over. Stabbin’ Sam Pike had his rapier extended, pointing at Guy’s chest while two of his goons held Guy’s arms. Okay, maybe not so easy.

Baxter wasn’t a hero. He was a program analyst that typed at a keyboard all day. Moving to a new city, a new state was the most daring thing he had ever done in his entire life.

He watched helplessly as the two men rent Guy’s shirt open, exposing his chest in full, and sending pearl buttons skittering across the floor. One stopped near Baxter’s foot, the brass loop causing it to spin like a drunken top.

He was not brave, he wasn’t a fighter, he was just boring Baxter. The rapier whirred through the air.

“Guapo, you can do this. Save the curse-breaker and seek out Rodrigo, my handsome Baxter.”

Baxter looked up, and found Guy smiling ever so handsomely at him, his face full of confidence, and his eyes full of joy. God how could he enjoy all this? Baxter took in the man still attached to his arm, discovering he wasn’t so intimidating, rather small actually, and he was stupidly standing over Baxter’s size twelve top-siders. Baxter grinned.

The man fell, clutching his crotch, and writhing. Baxter heard the triumphant yell from Guy as he darted into what had become some mighty thick underbrush near the escalator-come-waterfall. Feeling beneath the wet ferns his hand finally closed on a book. He pulled it up, and laughed at the gilded lettering. What were the chances he’d find the correct book first?

He coddled it to his chest, leaving Cannons Throughout History wherever it had come to rest. In hindsight, he should have thrown that one at Black Burt. It carried more volume.

Baxter descended what he dubbed Esca Falls at a speed that he was surprised he was capable of. Maybe he wasn’t so useless after all.

As he reached the fifth floor, Baxter felt something slither onto his fingers, and hesitantly turned the book over. He sent it flying between two rows of computers, as he tore past the long unmanned reference desk, squealing and shaking his hands. Realizing his folly, he clamped a hand over his mouth, and shuddered. God he abhorred slugs.

Sidestepping the curling creatures in their puddles of goo, he found the book, and flipped it over several times. Satisfied it was free of the vile things, he picked it up, and continued down.

Baxter slowed. What the hell. Were the lower levels on fire? The chill hit before the white cloud engulfed him. Fog rolled over him so thick he could no longer find his feet. Great. If he couldn’t see his feet, he wouldn’t be able to see where to step. He considered going back up, but knowing Stabbin’ Sam and Black Burt were both somewhere above him, made his mind up for him.

Slowly, carefully, clutching the book to his chest, and clinging for his life to the slippery handrail, Baxter made it to the second floor. He surveyed the area, not sure he really was on the second floor despite the big red letters telling him so.

How was he ever going to find anyone in this jungle? It was like the game Jumanji, only with pirates, and he didn’t get a chance to roll the dice. Whoosh. Rawwk. Baxter screamed, then, rubbing his chest, he chuckled when he realized it was only a bird. A big green one with a nasty beak, but still.

Baxter screamed again, leapt forward, and ran straight into the heavy foliage, figuring it was safer than whatever had just seized his shoulder. He was going to die of a heart attack in the library. And how would that read as an obituary? Boring— and damn it, Baxter Smith was not boring!

Baxter was snatched out of the air, and spun around. Proudly, he didn’t scream. And it only took him a second to recognize the masculine chest he was pressed against. He stopped struggling and looked into Rodrigo’s smirking face.

“Why do you flee from me, guapo?”

Baxter had a firm hold of the man’s silk shirt, and could feel the delicious muscles dance beneath his hand. God he wanted to run his hands over every inch of Rodrigo’s gorgeous chest. Damn book anyway. One hand was definitely better than none. Was that a... Baxter almost groaned as his fingers identified a nipple ring.

“Did you have to grab me like that?” Baxter admonished, the shadow of terror still clinging to him. “You could have said something, made a sound, not been so sneaky...” Rodrigo’s arms tightened as he nuzzled Baxter’s neck, and Baxter lost his train of thought completely.

“It was not my intention to cause you fear. Black Burt is afoot, and I did not want to alarm him to our presence.”

Rodrigo’s lips were traversing Baxter’s neck making it hard to answer. They were much softer than he would have imagined given the fact he doubted they had lip balm where Rodrigo came from.

“Um, okay, um, we need to find somewhere quiet—”

Rodrigo’s hand slid down. “I thought you would never ask.”

“Not for that.” Did I really just say that? “The book. I need a safe place to look through the book, break the curse?” Baxter had just single-handedly ruined probably his only chance at hot pirate sex. What kind of man does that? For a book no less.

Rodrigo released him. “Right, the curse, the codex. Plenty of time for celebration later. Come.” With a leering grin, he grabbed Baxter’s hand.

Baxter’s mind, not to mention his body, buzzed. God he really wanted a later. Wait... “Black Burt had fresh blood on his sword... Are you hurt?”

He stopped, and patted himself, then grinned wickedly. “Not that I am aware. That cur couldn’t get close enough to kill a pig, let along Rodrigo el Rojo.” He thumped his chest pridefully.

Baxter’s insides twisted. “Glad to hear that. Unfortunately, the last I saw Guy, Stabbin’ Sam had him. I fear... I’m afraid it didn’t look good.”

Rodrigo guffawed. “Guiomar? That letch can’t hold Guiomar. He is too tricky.” He slapped Baxter's back, but this time Baxter was ready and braced. “Don’t worry guapo. You will see Guiomar again.”

“Yes, he will.” Guy leapt over a big broad-leafed plant. Really? However, Guy’s grace and sheer gorgeousness allowed Baxter to forgive him his retched acting.

Guy and Rodrigo clasped arms for a moment in greeting, and then turned. Guy gave Baxter his spine-melting smile, while Rodrigo reciprocated with his own rakish version of lip sex.

Baxter smiled impishly back, not sure which man to give his attention to. They slowly faced each other, and Baxter watched as eyes narrowed, jaws clenched, hands fisted. They each took a step that brought them toe-to-toe, and nearly nose-to-nose. Baxter feared a fight, although he wasn’t sure over what.

“You kissed him!” they shouted in unison.

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Kim (dephal) | 16 comments Slugs! And jealousy! Wonderful! :-)

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