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message 1: by Taylor (new)

Taylor | 18 comments Hi, I love to read and I help my friends look over and edit their stuff a lot so I wanted to try and Beta. I love historical fiction, Fantasy, YA, and comedic books best. If you post a blurb of your book I'll letcha know if im interested or not.

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael | 19 comments Hi Taylor!

I would be very grateful for your feedback and especially delighted if you enjoy yourself at the same time!

Thank you for your consideration!

Here is a post to my request for Beta Readers:

And here's a short blurb and description (from the same post):

Bartholomew Barrington, a young man who comes of age in the Gilded Age, is beset with troubles of every kind, amplified by his angst of being part of the society that he despises. His dysfunctional family is rocked by the death of their father and its perilous aftermath. Bartholomew's struggle is to grow in the turmoil of loss and danger, surrounded by an environment of gloom and despair, but first he must survive.

45900 words.
14 chapters and a short afterword.

Setting: America early 1900s

Elements: Historical fiction, mystery, thriller, horror, suspense

I recognize we all turn to books for different entertainment. My tastes are across a wide spectrum that I know that many do not share, so to protect those who do not want to read content that is offensive, I will describe possible issues in advance, so you can decide if you would like to read or not.

PG: Adult situations of violence but no gore nor mature language, however not YA. Includes psychological terror and characters of questionable morality.

Drugs: Alcohol and Laudanum are imbibed.
Sex: Not very much and that which exists is mostly mind games, but there are some odd dreams that reveal character defects.
Violence: Some, but (again) very little gore.
Psychological Terror: Quite a lot really. I would be very pleased to be responsible for some nightmares.

I can provide PDF, EPUB, or MOBI.

message 3: by Taylor (new)

Taylor | 18 comments Hey Michael, I'd love to beta your story! You can send a Pdf version to

message 4: by Michael (new)

Michael | 19 comments Thank you!!! :-)

message 5: by Katie (new)

Katie | 23 comments Hi Taylor!

I have a young adult fantasy novel that I'd love for you to beta read. The beginning chapters have been edited several times, however the ending is still quite rough - just a warning so that you know what to expect going in. Here is the blurb:

"Ireland dies in a car crash and wakes in a world of angels. She lacks memories of her past lives, of Heaven, memories she’s told she’s supposed to have. Without even knowing what a mission is she’s sent on one, learning very little from her difficult partner, Remington. It’s only when she learns that she’ll be saving her best friend that Ireland really begins to understand the importance of her memories, and depending on these people who do know about this strange new world.

If Ireland’s death upset her, Carissa’s own death has left her completely stunned. She’s lost on Earth with nobody to depend on and with obvious dangers looming around her, and she’s without a best friend. If Ireland’s dead too, why hasn’t she come to find her yet?

Both girls quickly realize that Heaven isn’t perfect, and that death is only the beginning of something much bigger."

message 6: by P. (new)

P. Graham (AnneGraham) | 4 comments Hi Taylor

I’m wondering would you beta read my book. It’s fantasy, 75,00 words, sex-mild, the villain is quite dark, a bit gory in places but not hard-core. Its copy edited and line edited and I’m wondering is it ready for publication.
When the minor magician, Ben Alahad, investigates the brutal murder of his friend he discovers an evil sorcerer intent on killing or enslaving the population and conquering Astroban. Only Ben and a few others have a chance to stop him. In this first book of a trilogy, Ben gathers the others he needs to stop the sorcerer. The sorcerer, aware of their plans to oppose him, tries to stop them before they can gather together.

Anne Graham (P. A. Graham)

message 7: by Taylor (new)

Taylor | 18 comments P. wrote: "Hi Taylor

I’m wondering would you beta read my book. It’s fantasy, 75,00 words, sex-mild, the villain is quite dark, a bit gory in places but not hard-core. Its copy edited and line edited and I’..."

Hi Anne, your book sounds right up my alley I'd love to read it! I prefer PDF format if you have it and you can email it to me at I do have one book I'm beta reading in front of this one but I should be able to start yours by the weekend.

message 8: by Taylor (new)

Taylor | 18 comments Katie wrote: "Hi Taylor!

I have a young adult fantasy novel that I'd love for you to beta read. The beginning chapters have been edited several times, however the ending is still quite rough - just a warning so..."

Hey Katie, I'll give your book a shot it definitely sounds interesting. I do have two books in front of you however so I most likey wont be able to start until next week but if that's fine with you I'd definantly love to read your book. PDF format is preferred and you can email it to

message 9: by Katie (new)

Katie | 23 comments Taylor wrote: "Katie wrote: "Hi Taylor!

I have a young adult fantasy novel that I'd love for you to beta read. The beginning chapters have been edited several times, however the ending is still quite rough - jus..."

Next week sounds great! I sent a PDF just now, hopefully it gets to you alright :D

message 10: by Michael (new)

Michael | 19 comments Greetings, everyone! So, Taylor just finished her beta read of my novel and gave me exceptional feedback.

She addressed issues with missing background that weighed on some plot points, along with some inconsistent character reactions. This is something that I become blind to after reading the same story 50 times and her fresh vision exposed the necessity of addressing the problems directly. Another place that I got feedback that is essential were two places where my narrative violated the fourth wall, jarring the reader out of the story. This is the second time I've heard a problem with these sections and there is an easy solution.

Anyway, I'm grateful to her for her help, and I highly recommend her work. You're lucky if you can get her. :-)

message 11: by Sally (new)

Sally Wolf (sallyawolf) | 4 comments Full up or can you read more?

The Chase By Sally A Wolf

     He has found her again the mysterious man who had stalked, kidnapped, and released her every year on her birthday. This time it is different however she can sense it in the way he moves and acts, She knows this time it is personal every movement is filled with a dark purpose that scares her to death. Read this dark short story to find out who the mystery man is and why he keeps haunting her.

(The Chase on amazon)

The Case of the Haunted House Hunters Detective Katherine Pig Book 1 By Sally A Wolf

     Look out amateur sleuths: there’s a new girl in town, Katherine Pig. She only has one final test to pass to graduate from detective school, and it’s the case of a lifetime! The day after after a pair of ghost hunters come calling priceless artifacts go missing from the houses they have visited, It's up to Katherine to solve this mystery, but everything is not as it seems.
     Ever since Katherine was a little piglet, she wanted to be a detective. Can she learn to trust her friends to help her before it is too late?  In this tale of ghosts, mystery and crooks, Katherine learns about the power of love, and friendship.

(Not yet published)

message 12: by Taylor (new)

Taylor | 18 comments Hi sally what did you need done for your beta read

message 13: by Sally (new)

Sally Wolf (sallyawolf) | 4 comments Hello,

I have great passion for the written word. Unfortunately I am horrible at grammar, spelling, and punctuation (as you probably noticed). All my previous beta readers were authors who became to busy with their own work to read mine. I need someone to read and edit my wide range of work from children's lit, Young adult, Thrillers, Flash, Poems, and book reviews. There is no hurry on turn around for most things except sometimes the reviews but they usually are no more then a few paragraphs. I know that it is a lot of work to read and edit someone's work and all I can offer you is acknowledgement in my books. If you need more then that I understand if not and you are looking for a challenge then please contact me. Please note a lot of my stories are about a female detective pig. This for some reason turns many readers off having a pig act like a human and not be kiddy. If you don't mind a talking pig with a pet chihuahua who only barks (so far) then we are in business. I have drop box, email, and mscloud set up for file transfers. If you want to read a sample several can be found here.

message 14: by Taylor (new)

Taylor | 18 comments Hey sally, unfortuantly I wont be able to check for spelling and gramatical errors I dont have the time in my schedule to give you the proper beta response you would need. Once its checked over for those things I can check for plot and character development but sadly I can't comb through to give you what you deserve. Good luck finding a beta though your book sounds like its gonna be pretty good.

message 15: by Halima (new)

Halima Chefchaouni | 16 comments Hi Taylor! Here's a little info on my story. 120,000 word YA paranormal romance.

Ashlynn Weaver can control her dreams. Her waking life is another story—falling for her best friend who's hung up on his ex, wondering if her missing mom is alive, and worrying she'll disappear next. Ash is already having delusions, seeing the same monsters her mother did, and they're getting harder to ignore. Especially when a serpentine creature nearly drowns her in a pool.

When Ash finds a magic lamp and releases Rizian, a jinn made of fire, she's decides it's time to get fitted for a straitjacket. But, surely hallucinations don't introduce themselves, and who could resist three wishes on their eighteenth birthday? Rizian introduces Ash to Mezrah, a magical world where they rescue her mother from a witch's spell. Ash offers magic Rizian is equally unfamiliar with: friendship, trust, and a kindling romance. But a fairy queen won't let them return to the human world unless Ash agrees to unravel a twisted scheme targeting fairy children.

Please let me know if you are interested and have the time.

message 16: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Reid | 3 comments Hi Taylor, My story is a YA Urban Fantasy/Romance.

Ivy thought she lived a seemingly normal life—but being told you're a half-blooded Witch isn't something you expect to learn on your birthday.

After Ivy is confronted by her mother with a family secret—devastated, she runs away but gains help from a peculiar neighbor.

When the Sisters of Redwood Coven learn of only confirms an ill-fated prophecy.Her life spiraling, Ivy finds herself receiving attention from a Le Roux heir known for his family curse. Now Ivy decides which is important, the curse of love? Or the curse of her fate?

Please let me know if yo are interested. im looking for plot and characterization and constructive criticism. Basically to let me know if im headed in the right direction.
Thanks in advance.

message 17: by Taylor (new)

Taylor | 18 comments Hi ashley and Halima, Im starting college this week and so I want to take a pause on taking any more beta reads that way I can see how my school work and job will take a toll on my free time, so this way I dont have to drop beta reads or make any promises I cant keep. Good luck finding other readers though.

message 18: by Halima (new)

Halima Chefchaouni | 16 comments Thanks. Hope you have a great first week, Taylor. :)

message 19: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Troske | 54 comments Taylor,

My completed novel, Supernaturals - The Rising, a YA piece with some light sci-fi, could use some extra eyes. If you like Percy Jackson, X-men, or superheroes of any kind and works of similar nature/style, I believe you'll enjoy this book.

Here's a quick summary...

Ethan is just an ordinary teenage boy—infatuated with sports music and, of course, girls. Or so he thinks. Heading home on a rainy night from an amateur guitar gig, he finds his life turned completely upside down—literally. His car spins and flips out of control after what he believes to be a small animal jumps out in front of him. The horrific accident is only the beginning of a series of mysterious and seemingly unrelated events that will change his life forever.

After awaking in the hospital, and following an encounter with an enigmatic doctor, Ethan discovers that something that occurred during the wreck allows him to hear others' thoughts, and even more perplexing, move objects with his mind. While trying to wrap his head around this mystery, he realizes he’s not the only one, that there are others out there like him; those with special powers. Not long after learning of this new world, Ethan’s ever increasing lack of control places those around him at serious risk. In order to protect those he loves, he makes the difficult decision to leave and join with a group of other so called Supernaturals to learn how to master his abilities. Shortly after he is recruited, Ethan is sent on a mission to kidnap who he believes to be the enemy leader in a well concealed Supernaturals war. But the further he becomes embedded in this new world, the more he discovers things are not quite what they seem and doesn't know who can be trusted.

In this first installment of the Supernaturals series, Ethan discovers that super powers aren’t always so super, and is faced with difficult decisions that will not only affect his own life, but which may determine the life or death of his newfound companions and mentor.

Let me know if you'd be interested.

message 20: by T.C. (new)

T.C. Michael Hello,

I'm trying to find a few beta readers to read my novel and provide feedback so I can proceed with a thorough revision. The book was originally published last year and has hit three Amazon best seller lists. It has had a profession edit so hopefull it won't be too rough to read. It is a young adult paranormal fantasy with a touch of romance. The manuscript is roughly 85,000 words.


TC Michael
Here's a link to look over the book on Goodreads.
Secret of the Last Born

message 21: by Taylor (new)

Taylor | 18 comments Hey T.C. im still not taking any more new beta reads. im still finishing up the last ones i took on in august :s and after im going to be focusing on school for a bit. Thanks for the offer tho

message 22: by William (new)

William Walters | 111 comments Hi, I need Beta Reader to review first 6 chapters of a Family Saga/ Historical Fiction.

message 23: by Mytchel (new)

Mytchel Chandler (authormytchelchandler) | 42 comments Howdy! I am hoping to find someone to review by upcoming book; The Dark and Dangerous Days of Sin Shadow. It is YA Fantasy and sits at a whopping 84,000 words. Blurb:

Sin Shadow, after discovering he has the ability to travel through shadows, is anointed as the ambassador between the two sides of his world, light and dark. Both sides seem to be creeping closer and closer to war, and it's up to him to hold the pieces together as they come crashing down. He will very quickly realize that his newfound powers will only help him get so far...

Hope to hear from you and thank you!

message 24: by Elliott (new)

Elliott (elvandruff) | 20 comments Hello Taylor, I have just made some edits to my manuscript after 2 beta processes, and am now seeking several beta's to put it through what I hope is the final round. It is a 1st person POV YA Fantasy.

Name- Beyond the Shroud
Word count- 92k
Chapters- 26

Sheltered in the mountains behind a shroud of mist, lies one of the last rebel holdings of the Morganite’s –Espiria. It is here where 16-year-old Rowyn Blythe has lived all her days, hunting, raiding, and surviving in the wilderness with her clan. But a passing sorcerer discovers a frightening power existing within her, threatening to expose her and her clan to the empire of Lyrica.

When Rowyn agrees to attend the empire’s school of sorcery to the south, she’s swept into a world she knows precious little about with adversaries on all sides. First, is the mysterious assassin who haunts her journey. Next, is the son of the hated consul of Morgania, the man responsible for the death of her family. Finally, it’s society itself, who shuns the Morganites as renegades. Through all of this Rowyn must still train to control her hated ‘gift’, influencing the weather, while at the same time trying to evade the empire she’s been raised to hate. An empire that has been brought low with plague, war, and widespread drought. Rowyn may want nothing to do with the empire, however the empire is determined not to let her go.

Let me know if you're interested in beta-ing it!

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