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message 1: by Ricardo (last edited Aug 18, 2015 12:19PM) (new)

Ricardo (ricardofayet) | 5 comments I came across this interesting post on common writing mistakes and was quite interested by the POV part ("head-hopping"). Do you all write from one single character POV? Do you find it helps readers connect with the story?

writing mistakes

message 2: by R.F.G. (new)

R.F.G. Cameron | 601 comments I write from different POV, but I tend to separate and delineate POV changes within a chapter with ***.

In the novel I'll be getting back to editing once our move is done, I might utilize a character name at the POV section beginnings to indicate POV in Part Three, or might not. Wife felt a bit confused in certain parts when reading as an alpha, but others didn't.

Depending on the story a single POV may be the best approach, but not always by any means.

message 3: by Ricardo (new)

Ricardo (ricardofayet) | 5 comments I know George R.R. Martin wrote A Song of Ice and Fire from a huge number of different character POVs, each chapter being "narrated" from a different character's perspective. As a reader, I empathize more with certain characters than others, but I found that approach worked quite well…

message 4: by R.F.G. (new)

R.F.G. Cameron | 601 comments I've found that differing POV can draw readers in effectively, as a well-written despicable character can add as much as the most empathetic character.

In the novel I need to finish editing the first two parts are mainly from the POV of the two main characters in those parts, while it shifts in part three to encompass the POV from several characters due to the war in progress.

From humans to prototherians to an AI interacting with its cyborg daughter in part three, each POV has it's place.

message 5: by L (new)

L Very interesting!

All writers make mistakes and continue to learn, make more mistakes and grow.

I regularly fall into the trap of over description, over explanation and using far too many adjectives {when hyper and excited it is clearly too obvious!}..

I get the scissors and cut out all the superfluous words and end up with a holey page! yep.. a bit weird, but that's me.

I believe that less is more sometimes a single word can resonate so much meaning.

simplicity. subtlety. humility.

When I write I always put my entire self in the place of the main protagonist. You can only write from the heart.. {well, that's what I do anyway!} You have to feel everything. Express yourself as an author in your work.. otherwise it is meaningless.

-- I also love song writing and every single lyric has to really connect with one's core.

message 6: by V.W. (new)

V.W. Singer | 43 comments I write in third person omniscient so multiple POV is necessary by definition. The reason most guides don't advise TPO is that it is harder to do well, not because it is inferior.

As for complexity of language, it depends on the writer's style and intention.

Just like any other art, don't go for the moves with a high degree of difficulty unless you're sure of your skills.

message 7: by L (new)

L Reading up on the correlation between philosophy and Creative Writing [a piece by one of my lecturer's] that's fascinating!

Makes you wonder when being 'taught' creative writing, how much is actual perfunctory mimicking of knowledge and how much scope is for actually creativity or freedom of individualistic expression of style and thoughts? Then of course, one requires knowledge and understanding to enhance technique and broaden the mind.. so the two are synergistically interconnected, as a continuous pendulum of understanding and personal interpretation + originality.

I am certainly thinking too much!

The point is one shouldn't be too narrow minded or a 'copy' of another man's genius. A writer should read lots, acquire much from other writers, [plus history, science, philosophy, linguistics, arts, culture and society... well, everything within the natural world can denote some form of meaning] yet -- be able to use their own interpretation, originality, uniqueness and style etcetera in their writing.


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