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message 1: by Xian Xian (new)

Xian Xian (xianxian) That writer is Tao Lin for me. I hate his books because they are vapid, but I love it, because they are much like the pretentious hipster New Yorkers of my age group. And I can't tell if he's being satirical or not, which makes the whole book sarcastic and funny to me. And I still for some reason still end up wanting to read his stuff, despite finding him a hack.

message 2: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Mclaren | 292 comments What an interesting subject and your description is very different from what I expected. I usually don't continue a book if I hate the writer from the get go but I also have a problem when a writer starts going through the motions and not keeping on top of his form in writing. I especially hate it when the main character starts to drag for me. I know people who will read a particular authors entire series but if the main character doesn't grow or I start to hate the character, I stop. Too many good books to keep it up.

It sound to me like you want to hate Tao Lin but something in his writing does meet a need you have.

message 3: by Xian Xian (new)

Xian Xian (xianxian) I have a love and hate relationship with him. I hate him for being pretentious and purposefully dull, but love him for inventing or changing the style of writing that us internet kids write, relate to, and read.

message 4: by Victor (new)

Victor Davis (victor-a-davis) | 18 comments Friggin Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby is a wall-thrower for me, but there is no denying he's a lyrical genius. Stephen King is another love/hate relationship. I can't stand his diarrhetic writing style but he's one of the most imaginative writers in terms of ideas.

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