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Melanie A In this you describe your dream pet. You could do a mix mash of animals or just make up some other features. Use this guide below to write it.

Name of species:
Pet's name:
Main features:
What does it eat:
What does it drink:
Why is it your dream pet:

message 2: by Melanie (new)

Melanie A I'll start:

Name of species: Aussie Cat
Pet's name: Cuddles
Personality: Likes to sit on peoples laps and is very obedient.
Size: Small
Main features: Yellow and green spots, cat like features, really fluffy.
What does it eat: Cat food, fish, chicken and food i don't like to eat.
What does it drink: Water and milk.
Why is it your dream pet: I have always wanted a small fluffy and cute cat. It would also be cool if it could eat all the food that i don't like.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Name of species: Aussie Dog
Pet's name: Rocky
Personality: Likes to eat a lot of food, Sit on my bed, Is
Size: Small
Main features: Is white, fluffy, blue eyes, pink heart ribbon tied to neck
What does it eat: Dog food, Addiction Dog Food
What does it drink: Water
Why is it your dream pet: Fluffy Dog!

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Melanie A nice

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Thanks :)

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Your's is nice too

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Alana W love it both of you

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Melanie A Thanks

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