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message 1: by Sherri (new)

Sherri Moorer (sherrithewriter) | 144 comments What makes you buy a book? A captivating blurb reels me in, but I've heard people say they're motivated by other things: a good cover, a certain storyline, a particular genre, a certain author, and even price point are motivators I've heard people mention. What sells you? And --- go!

message 2: by NReads (new)

NReads | 2 comments Probably someones recommendation or if the books is popular and has a good rating.

message 3: by G.G. (new)

G.G. (ggatcheson) | 491 comments A unique storyline in a genre I love will do the trick. I would probably discover this through the blurb.

message 4: by Mason (new)

Mason Engel | 5 comments A recommendation is the biggest seller for me, as well. I'm also particularly attracted to a book if it is by an author I've read before. That way, I'm taking a chance only on the story itself, not on the writing.

message 5: by Doug (new)

Doug Oudin | 168 comments Definitely word of mouth. Hearing from someone that I know and respect talk highly of a book will prompt me to read that book.

message 6: by Theresa (last edited Aug 17, 2015 10:02PM) (new)

Theresa (theresa99) | 466 comments I would say word of mouth, book blurbs and excerpts, and book covers are things that pull me in. I look at reviews sometimes as well.

message 7: by T.L. (new)

T.L. Clark (tlcauthor) | 145 comments These days? A fellow indie asking for a review!? :-/

But left to my own devices, I trawl through Amazon for something with the general theme I want, get drawn in by the cover, and I glance at the reviews (making sure there's a good balance of opinion). And I do look at the blurb a little.

message 8: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Zigler (toriz) | 2854 comments The title, or a recommendation from a friend, are what make me want to take a look at the book to start with. But what actually gets me to decide whether or not to buy and read the book is the blurb.

message 9: by J.M. (new)

J.M. Garlock | 41 comments Specific subject matter obviously. If there's more than 1 book on the subject I'll do a little research, read NY Ties, NY Review of Books etc. reviews, then decide which book to buy.
J.M. Garlock
"The Centurion Chronicles"

message 10: by Jim (new)

Jim Vuksic | 1048 comments While browsing through a book store or public library, the title initially attracts my attention. The cover usually arouses my curiosity. After reading the first two pages, if the authors writing and narrative skills are impressive and the story line promises to be entertaining and interesting, I will purchase or borrow the book.

message 11: by Troy (new)

Troy Jackson | 43 comments Gotta have a good cover, first. Also has to be in a genre that I'm interested in. Then the blurb simply has to peek my interest.

message 12: by Sherri (new)

Sherri Moorer (sherrithewriter) | 144 comments It sounds like a number of factors go into the decision. I admit that I browse by genre first, and then read the blurbs. And yes, I'm guilty of being drawn into a great cover as well!

message 13: by Effie (new)

Effie Kammenou (effiekammenou) | 720 comments I have certain authors that I favor, as I'm sure we all do. Going blind, I look for a genre I'm interested in. If the cover catches my eye, I will read the back cover. If it sounds good, I buy it.

message 14: by Lorraine (new)

Lorraine Wilke (lorrainedevonwilke) That's such an important question, one I've been thinking about a lot in regards the promotion of my own work. We're all pretty aware, as writers, of the list (and here's mine in order of importance):

1. Professional, appealing cover. VERY important. Experience has proven that amateur, artless covers are typically on amateur, artless books.

2. Title. A smart title can suggest a smart book.

2. Book blurb; is it a topic/genre that interests me? One written well can even convince me to buy a book that's not necessarily in the genre I read.

3. Reviews: Not deal breakers, but you want to see a mix. Too many 5-stars with little balance signals "friends & family bombardment"; too few suggests it may just not be exciting readers.

4. Writer profile. Again, not a deal-breaker (and I love discovering new writers), but if it's a writer I've heard of or have read before, I'll pay special attention.

5. Price. But maybe not the way conventional wisdom would suggest. I've found, in my desire to support indie writers, that when I see titles for 99¢, $1.99, $2.99, even $3.99, I'm cautious, because I've picked up so many in those prices ranges only to discover they're subpar. I tend to look more favorably at books priced at $4.99 - $8.99, feeling that those are likely more professional writers, and/or they value their work highly enough to price it like a pro.

That's my list!

message 15: by Leena (new)

Leena Maria (leenamaria) | 8 comments If it is a paperback, I pick up first the longest / thickest books. I read fast and shorter books feel like a snack whereas a thicker volume is dinner... First I check the cover, and then I read the back cover. After that a page or two at the beginning. If the story takes me with it right from the start, I buy the book.

With e-books: first I pick the genre, then have a look at the covers (important to have a good cover!), and click on the interesting ones to read more about the storyline.

message 16: by Effie (new)

Effie Kammenou (effiekammenou) | 720 comments Lorraine wrote: "That's such an important question, one I've been thinking about a lot in regards the promotion of my own work. We're all pretty aware, as writers, of the list (and here's mine in order of importanc..."

You make so many good points. especially on the reviews and price. It was recommended to me not to make my e-book price low for the very reason you mention- if you value your work then it will be perceived as worthy of the price.

message 17: by K. (new)

K. Kumar | 2 comments I usually look for books that fit within my interests and then scan Amazon and decide whether to buy based on the ratings.

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